What is the value of retired nicki doll. The trouble with the bitty baby's that have painted hair is the paint rubs off and scratches very easily. She has meium length red hair.

You must decide how serious a collector you want to be. If there is only one dressed photo of the doll you are interested in ask for more photos or more information. As tempting as the just like you but the Dolls of the Year increase in value more because they have a limited quanity. It sounds like you may have a Samantha and a Molly. If her head is replaced the Pleasant Co.

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Dies wellie wishers have same issue if water gets in eyes. Like if you don't spread them out she looks like she has small pieces of missing hair. It pulls out easily with brushing and I am not sure if the downy dunk would make it better or worse. Hello i just received a doll i think is a ag doll but not sure.

Just like Nellie and Elizabeth, Emily will likely not be a limited edition doll. Without a photo it is hard to say. How do find out the year it's from? Anyways any help is great. Many Felicity items have been discontinued recently and so to round out the collection I again turned to Ebay.

  • It sounds like the wigs re coming unglued.
  • That and we didn't live close to the store.
  • She's in amazing condition although I have regular fits over whatever they made hair out of in the s.
How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured

She also has no furniture and only two outfits in her collection. So a nude doll should not sell for more than a doll with their original outfit on. Consider the value of everything shown. Our blog is - onegirlmanydolls. Please let me know what you think.

Wow mom i didn't know you had so much information about american girl dolls. So again, do some research and get a idea for what your type doll is selling for. If her wig is loose you can reglue or send her tot he doll hospital.

Hi Mom, Can I get kit for my Bday? Do you know of any sites that can tell me for sure if my doll is real? The list below links to individual pages in this site which are devoted to each American Girl doll. Links are provided to aid in the obtaining of each item which are often available through online auctions such as Ebay and through online bookstores such as Amazon. If you have a lot of accessories you must do some more research on how much these items are selling for.

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Over the next several years, five more historical dolls and their stories were added for a total of eight girls spanning periods in U. If she is just dirty and hair all tangled you can definitely fix her! They come with nothing only two dolls.

Sex Dolls Dating- a Social Experiment with Realistic Life Like Sex Dolls

Emily will be getting a ten-card trading card set just as Nellie and Elizabeth did. Just like the dolls they increase in value as they become retired. Her neck is stamped Pleasant Company. You seem to be knowledgeable about this stuff. It can be overwhelming when first looking at the secondary doll market.

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This page also describes and depicts the Girls of Today items produced by Pleasant Company since that have been retired and which are no longer available. It is also important to know approximately what year your Molly was made. Magic eraser might take that crayon off.

Complete Guide to American Girl Doll Collecting

It may just be her wig has become a bit detached, I can't tell without seeing her. Thank you for this post, very helpful. Both stand on their own an Both have the stamp American girl llc on their necks. She had a very badhair cut and so i took her wig off and replaced it with a different color. Also, you can use a thin past of baking soda and water to clean her vinyl body.

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  1. Watch out for shipping costs!
  2. Look carefully at the photos of the dolls you are considering.
  3. You could get some great deals.
  4. Older dolls have less color in their faces.

This used to be a free fix through the doll hospital, but if you are selling I would just price accordingly. Older dolls might have loose limbs that would prevent them from standing and holding a pose. Is it worth the asking price if is the newest version minus the box? The American Girl Collection was originally exclusively available only through mail-order catalogs.

Thank you for your response. In your case it sounds like your Samantha is priceless to you and that is the value I would place on her. Ruthie Smithens is Kit's best friend and she is loyal, toronto singles speed understanding and generous. Take a look and good luck!

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The sad part is that she has never had her hair brushed, been hot, or cold, or been in any kind of water. Collectors generally want a box as this does add value to other collectors in the resale market. Become familiar with American Girl Doll faces so that you are not fooled. You may be looking at an ad for a doll and several other American Girl pieces in a lot. How much can I get for her she does not have her glasses or socks and I have lots of clothes for sell to.

Thank you for the fast answer. Collectors did not like this so they went back to strings. We will be using your informative narrative in preparing our eBay listings. Do you know if some of the early outfits came without tags?

If the hair is really dry, agency is a new head the only answer? My daughter asked for one right after new year when the new catalog was delivered. She has her meet outfit complete with hat and purse. She has a tan body in very good condition. The top bar features images of the several girls that link to their various pages.

Pleasant Company produced and marketed three inch dolls dolls each of which was from a different period in American History. Just be aware that to pay full price for one is not wise as you can get an unmarked doll for full price direct from American Girl. Retired Girls of Today Items.

How to Identify the Year a Barbie Doll Was Manufactured

Sex Dolls Dating- a Social Experiment with Realistic Life Like Sex Dolls

If I send her to the hospital can her limbs be tightened? As I have mentioned before, it is rarely worth the money to purchase a doll knowing that it needs to go to the doll hospital. Ivy is the first historical doll with Asian features. One of her eyes are grey which in reading earlier posts she has gotten water in her eye.

No, hookup inverness there is nothing wrong with the dolls. We can post on on a valentines story if you want. They have the stamp and can stand just doesn't have original clothes.

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