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Upon first visit, the website does not contain much at its welcome page other than a few links to donate or search torrents and a search bar. The site overall is one of the best out there, while it provides the user safe links without compromising security.

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It is exceptionally updated to cater to every user needs without the need to search individual torrent sites. The site provides access to its files like no other site out there, beginning with the scrolling thumbnail of movies at the top that shows movies uploaded today.

Functionality Perhaps the weakest aspect of this website is how it looks. The categories also take you to different seasons of a show as well as provide information about the links.

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As stated on their website, they strive to be non partisan. Everything is nicely divided in categories that simplify the navigation around the website. Library Genesis, with the current domain of gen. Movies are laid out extremely well and in a very informative way, while you can also pick right away the definition of the movie and then just download it.

Meanwhile the download steps are one of the fastest as the direct link is provided next to the song. Furthermore, each post is attractively uploaded in a scrolling style, giving in a retro appeal. The ui is very simple without any clutter.

ProxyShark - All in One Proxy Software

ProxyShark - All in One Proxy Software

Israbox provides users with download access to a broad range of commercially available music. It is extremely important for the search engines to have a filtering ability that can ensure the users are not misguided by downloading links that contain wrong files.

Nowadays, there are many sites that provide the same functionality, and perhaps even better streaming. Other than that there is not much that this website has to offer. Functionality What makes this site highly functional is the thumbnail view of movies that allows the user to browse while also viewing the movie image. The download category takes you directly to categories of albums, mixtapes, tracks, and monthly tapes that you can download easily.

It is a good source of fast and new movie files while it receives over half a million visitors monthly. Overall the website has a nice and refreshing feel to it, where users can share their thoughts and learn a lot about different things that they are interested. Albumkings is a site that provides unauthorized access to thousands of full albums and tens of thousands of individual tracks for free streaming and downloading.

Honoring takedown requests does not absolve them of liability. The only thing limiting Theparadox. The search engine of the website is very accurate and returned the most relevant results for almost all of my searches. Each artist or band result also provides biographic information regarding the said artist or band, making this site even more beautiful and easy to get used to. Overall it is a very inefficient website in what it provides.

Until recently the operators of the site uploaded the infringing files to a hosting site Sharebeast. The viewing of movies in thumbnails makes the site very attractive to both returning and new visitors. The site is dedicated to international and local music repertoire, including popular American music, as well as books, games, movies and music concerts, and is updated daily with new links. Movie buffs who do not understand German, stop reading right now. The streaming option is straightforward and does not require site jumping, while the page also provides a torrent download and a direct download through several servers.

The new domain rnbxclusive. All of these features combine to make searching for the shows very easy and convenient for the users. Al Jazeera is Doha, Qatar based broadcasting corporation and state funded organization.

Breaking all censorships and firewalls

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Many malaysians have been visiting this site thru proxy, due to current blockades, under the premise that it is spreading unrest, But the actual blockade is nothing but pure form of censorship. Upon the first visit, the user is greeted with the Home Page that contains a basic outline of the website, with sorted categories and the most downloaded torrents listed in each category. Furthermore, art explosion publisher pro 2.0 the search results are not properly sorted either which makes it harder for the users to find the most appropriate link. Users would be able to find the most watched shows in their particular category to get suggestions about the shows that might interest them.

The site is entirely in English and there are thousands of albums and tens of thousands of individual tracks available to users. The major usp of the site is user uploaded porn videos. The cool looking background offers a certain darker appeal that highly matches RnB style as well as similar genres. Just below the thumbnail is a short tag description of the file which helps narrow down your searches for future use, as well as the one and only download link that takes you directly to NitroFlare. The site offers hundreds of thousands of music files for users to stream and download.

It is also involved in quite of bit of controversies in showing biased version of the incidents hence banned in a number of countries in particular occasions. Instead the users are provided with a results query that is rather broad and often does not match the needed file. The only problem that I faced was the need to go through multiple pages in order to finally get to the show. Functionality Having a very user-friendly organization, the site allows for very quick searches for tracks through the search bar placed conveniently at the top of the page.

Overall the website fails to live up to the expectation and delivers a very mediocre and sometimes confusing experience. The user can freely choose from specific genres of movies while also search for movies alphabetically. Goear is an unlicensed streaming website hosted from Holland by Serverious Holding.

This extremely neat feature is also used when finding shows or music, while upon clicking any file you will be redirected to that files page with even more information and even a trailer. This is one of the most recommended sites in my opinion for streaming. The site also offers a section on upcoming releases and advising users of the official release date along with a prediction of when the new album will be available on the site.

Before I start the review I have to say that I am biased towards this site. Furthermore as a free torrent site, it does not offer annoying popups that some sites tend to, therefore making it much more attractive to visit.

The website has a very minimal look with white background and basic font. The rest of you follow me. Their lists of albums and tracks available for streaming and download are almost identical and they all store the files on dopefile. Yourbittorrent is born out of split between the founders of mybittorrent. Upon reducing the screen size, the search bar magically reappears in the middle instead of how it is on the side at wide-screen view.

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It is the second most popular new paper and covers almost all daily life activities and has a popular classifieds section. The proxies are working again. All the popular torrents are sorted categorically, thus making it easier for the users to find what they are looking for. And to conclude, the site is legit in selling its music so do not fear for your money, but as always you can use a side credit card or PayPal account just to be safe. The album art is also available on the site.

The site provides links to multiple cyberlockers including Uploaded from where the infringing files can be downloaded. This site provides only magnet links. It recipient of many freedom of press and a journalist awards. The Top Music Charts bar on the right helps the user learn of the recent and most popular tracks that come out daily, which greatly reduces the effort spent by fans of these popular genres.