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Repair Group Check drive axle boots for leaks. Read proce- dures through before starting them. Do I have your authorization to proceed?

The company got its start by reprinting and distributing hard-to-find British car manuals. Atorque wrench is used to preciselytighten threadedfasten- Fig. The battery charge indicator light may come on as the lights are dimming.

Do not confuse wrench size with bolt diameter size. Each ma- jor section begins with a General repair group, e. Several types of torque wrenches are available. Always plan to use new gaskets for any reassembly.

For information on manufacture or date of sale. Keep sparks and flames away. Jack Stands Strong jack stands are extremely important for any work that is done under the car. From left, snap-ring, needlenose, adjustable-joint shown in Fig.


Thank you for your feedback. Labels used to identiy parts. The columns on the right sitie of each table give quick-referente information about the job. Do not use these products near any source of heat, sparks or flame.

Let others know what you will be doing. Sockets perform the same job as box-end wrench- es, but offer greater flexibility.

Your email address will only be used for the notification of this product and deleted afterward. Corrosion and vibration will eventually spoil the connection andmaylead to irreparable damage to sensitive electronic componente.

Select Your Vehicle to find parts that fit. This will reduce the current drain and will allow the car to be driven farther before you lose all battery power.

Check operation of washer system. Repair Group Drain and flush cooling system and replace coolant. Where no specific torque is listed, Ta- The smoothest metal mating surfaces still have imperfec ble a can be used as a general guide for tightening fasteners.

When the vast array of data presented in the manual is taken into account, however, no claim to infallibility can be made. If you do not have an account please click the link below. Some have special applications. Use a board or other sup- port to provide a firm surface for the jack, if necessary.

Bmw e36 bentley manual

For additional information see the terms of use. Disconnect the battery negative - terminal ground strap to The air-conditioning system is filled with chemical refrigerant, prevent others from starting the car while you are under it. Inspect for cooling system leaks.

Check condition of wiper blades. Read them before you begin any maintenance or repair job. Repair Group Check parking brake operation, adjust cable if necessary. Electronics stores can sup- function.

Please write Robert Bentley, Inc. Please write to Robert Bentley, Inc. Offering in-depth repair and maintenance information, Bentley manuals tell you when maintenance needs done and how to do it. This manual includes detailed information on these basic tools and other tips for the begin- ner in the first section of the manual, karnataka tet model question paper entitled Fundamentals for the Do-It-Yourself Owner. This section of the manual is intended to help the beginner get started.

Turn off the engine of the car with the good battery. Check brake rotors for scoring damage. See Brakes for more information.

You may find that he can make the repair eitherfree or at minimum cost. Continuing to drive an overheated car can cause extensive engine damage. Most often, the parts General for electrical troubleshooting. Check condition of wiper blades Repair Group Tighten nuts and belts for door locks and striker plates. Two typical torque wrenches are shown in Fig.

Bimmerzone Accreditations. If you lack the Avoid breathing dust.

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If necessary, use a flat board or similar solid object to provide a firm footing. Disconnectthe battery negative cable when- ever working on or near the fuel system or any- thlng that is electrically powered.

This product is non-returnable once packaging has been opened. Below is some important information on how to work safely, a discussion of what tools will be needed and how to use them. These messages are important, even to the owner who never intends to work on the car. The main- tenance intervals for a few additional items are based on either elapsed mileage or time. Jump- starting the battery from another car may help.

Check active check control panel for fauits where applicable. Repair Group Check function of seat belts. If a normal or rapid charger is used to charge battery, the battery Be mindful ofthe environment and ecology.

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