He also shows some tendencies to aggressively push his agenda in an almost bully-like manner, but that may prove to be just how he is with everyone and in life. Everyone else, no one is going to take me with them. It's a good position to be in, dating site for cougars though she may find herself in an awkward spot now that Christie nominated Ovi and she was also in that fake alliance. Grodi was probably drooling over him.

Frequently very cookie cutter. That left her questioning if she was playing his game or her game. Being a genealogist buff, and knowing of his Jewish lineage, this fascinates me.

This is just a bunch of random people with zero chemistry to me. She proved she could get him to do her will and he was willing to step up and lobby on behalf of Kemi. Now, there's no clear indication that Jack is targeting these people because of race. The thought of even using it at all is terrifying. Not to mention, the group decided to target Isabella's closest friend in the house without consulting her and that's not how alliances work.

He's proven himself a threat to them, but if he can help it unravel, he could become a strong ally in whatever emerges next. Not a bad strategy if he can stick to it and keep those lines of communication going throughout the house. Jackson says this is so much fun.

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Taran's Britney Haynes long-form interview! Soo glad the jury saw things my way this year! There's laying low and then there's virtually invisible and Holly is sliding into that position.

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  1. Jackson says Kat is working for us.
  2. He is proud of what they have done.
  3. Pearson started last night!
  • He should have never been brought in to start with.
  • Jackson says they can put up Kat and Nicole to do a backdoor.
  • Any issues you are working on?

We don't know his own game yet, but he's playing with the right people now, so he's bought himself some time to figure it out. Finally there is a better mixture of ages and dare I say types of people, maybe? Keeping Nicole was best because Ovi was the only one to get a ball in besides Cliff. Nicole is the definition of a floater, as she is on no one's radar at all in a good or bad way.

She has an incredible social game and she also has a pretty smart way of looking at the game and seems ready to use those social connections to her advantage. Still waiting for them to cast someone from Utah. My posts always have a bullet. The house guests are all in the living room talking about the power of veto competition. He already has a bond with Cliff and is well-liked in the house.

We need great players with a mind to make the drama and entertainment for us as we bang on the glass to make them dance. Jackson goes to the fridge and drinks out of the milk gallon, says he is so hungry. As for Kemi, we don't now for sure why he has such a mad-on for her, but it's like no joke! He was a male model years ago and says he wants to get back into it. Which is why, even after the same thing every season, I still watch!

Big Brother is like a guest you look forward to seeing every summer. Kemi says Bella and Nick preyed on weaker people in the Big Brother house. Clearly you have never watched Big Brother before if that is the kind of show you want to watch.


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Also after watching Big Bro aft dark, Paul is one of the cleanest out of all the other players, good habits, except for the foul mouth. She says I'm not sleeping. Sadly, this is nothing new. She's also not just following, as shown when she urged Nick to lobby for Kemi, which means she's ready to play this game.

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Jack says Sam told him he is trying to separate from Nick and Bella. Jessica may be on Jack's radar, but she seems to be absolutely beloved in the house. The comp itself is brutal, with disgusting food being launched at them and HouseGuests tasked with picking out and catching one item. Was just a season of everyone letting Paul do what he needed to win. Was planning to watch the British Open final round this morning, bid dating site but this is just a dud.

Was about to stop watching because of the Paul thing. Holly is someone who exists in the house, but if you don't see her in the background somewhere, you might forget she's there. And after Christie nominated him, that pretty much blows up the fake alliance she agreed to in order to pacify him and throw him off the scent. Nevertheless, no one is looking at her as a power player right now or someone in charge, so she's good to just keep her head down. Even as superbly abrasive and a big threat the guy was, he managed to work his relationships incredibly well being on the block on eviction night four times.

Cliff goes to the washroom. Houseguests seeming to sleep soundly snuggled in their respective beds. Jess came to me and said control your man up there. Got a story or a tip for us?

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Now, his best bro in the house, Jack, ready for marriage is making some familiar targets of his own. You have to swim through the water. At least Cody has him pegged right.

The guy literally turned my stomach. So there's only one option for me left. Reporting from the show's live feeds, the outlet details several bizarre things Jack has said about Kemi and Jessica. As much as I could not stand him he made it to final four the second time he was on. There is never a dull moment with me.

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Tommy is saying Nicole and Sam go and then Cliffs saftety is up. It's almost impossible to maintain such a large group as they can't even all ever meet together. Ovi is in a tough spot, but if he gets out of this we hope to see him rise in these rankings. Jackson explains how he completed the comp in the fastest time. Bella is next, then Sam, then Cliff.

Not a great idea to confess to a plan like that and then hook up with the professed target. While talking with Head of Household Christie, Jack basically decided to lay out for her who was going to go over the next three weeks. Cliff comes out of the washroom. She sees what's going on, and she's striking alliances and friendships wherever she can.

Kat gets upset saying Jackson farted. Anything we deem as spam will not be approved. The story line is amazing! This time, it was a bit more even, with no super-athlete running away with it. Haha, cant wait to see this!

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