She now has him blocked on all social media. Thirty minutes prior to when he was supposed to get there, one of my coworkers started a fire in the kitchen by leaving a pizza in the microwave too long. Try to move on and maybe take some boxing lessons and pretend the punching bag is the ghost. That's when it started getting weird.

We had literally just shut the front door when we heard a loud thud. When he got the last plate, he offered me some, but I declined. We finally came to a bench and I sat on the opposite side in fear that I was going to be licked again. Then we went to a baseball game where he told me that he was about to go to trial for assaulting a police officer. Then we sat on his bed and he repeatedly kept trying to touch my butt.

17 Fucked-Up Dating Horror Stories That ll Make You Uneasy
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Turns out that he had online stalked me and found out that he'd been on a Tinder date with a friend of mine a couple weeks ago. Met a guy online, and we hit it off on our first date. Then he went on about how he was addicted to artificial sweeteners and ordered them online all the time. Everyone has different ideas when it comes to acceptable dating behavior.

The guy I had been dating for a few weeks ghosted me when I moved to another city. We received more than responses to our nonscientific survey and selected a cross-section of stories that illustrate how we date now. Finally, I faked throwing up in the bathroom. As the evening went on with the subject of conversation never changing, he got more drunk until finally he confessed to me that he tried to hire someone to kill his ex-wife. He told me that he could sense spirits and talk to ghosts.

Buzzfeed online dating stories

At dinner, he spilled sake all over me. His first question on sitting down with our drinks was whether I was up for anal. We should go out again sometime. Share On facebook Share On facebook Share.

14 First Date Horror Stories That ll Leave You Speechless

There was bird poo in my hair, all over my face, fat and down the front of my body. He smirked and said that he thought he had a shot with her. Is this something you would be interested in pursuing?

I Ghost. You Ghost. Everybody Ghosts

And I couldn't see over the bushes, and shot my gun and missed the deer. Apparently he was a foreigner and wanted to become an American citizen. We met up at a park, and when I saw him I noticed that he was carrying this really big backpack. Share On lineapp Share On lineapp.

Still convinced he could be my soulmate, I patted his back while he cried, asking how his father passed away. When he came back he sat as far away from me as possible. Share On snapchat Share On snapchat. He and I have always gotten along and he seemed cool, so I figured, why not?

The guy sitting next to us was laughing so hard his back was shaking. Fast forward into the date and he disappeared and came back holding a sandwich-sized bag half full of what looked like broken glass. My friends all told me she was a bit strange, but she seemed nice.

He also pulled out his digital camera to show me photos of the trip to Europe he had taken with his mother five years ago. She had a meal of bread and a side order of potatoes. He then showered while I awkwardly chatted with his parents. She went to Burning Man and I never heard from her again after that. Share On sms Share On sms.

Buzzfeed online dating stories

Contact Lam Thuy Vo at lam. Halfway through, I had a small panic attack and they had to come and rappel me off the platform. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. He was full-on masturbating.

Day of, he showed up late, then couldn't find me after walking by me twice. He wanted to take me to his favorite restaurant, which turned out to be Hooters. Before I could excuse myself, he asked me loudly about what my kinks were in bed, dating someone new and eventually offered to cast me in a live theater-style sex show he was directing.

17 Fucked-Up Dating Horror Stories That ll Make You Uneasy

He tried to get me to send him naked pics of my daughter, under the guise of being a nudist. Later on, it came to light that we had the same last name and it was all downhill from there. He wouldn't return my phone calls, so after a week I stopped trying. He was in the Navy, and when he left for sea and I figured I didn't miss him as much as I thought I would have. They are probably still checking out what you're doing, blue sentinel matchmaking so just keep living your best possible life and don't let them back in.

He proceeded to get high and then streaked around his backyard. Once I arrived at the the restaurant, we had an interesting conversation made up of lots of oversharing on her part that spiraled horribly out of control once she found out I was a lawyer. It turns out that he had left the movie, went back to the hotel, packed his shit, and left. As I stood there, shocked and embarrassed, I turned to see my date nearly having a stroke to hold his laughter in.

And after all of that, he wanted to kiss me and asked me to go out again. Then he barraged me with dozens of lengthy messages asking to help him orgasm by telling him what he was doing was normal. This is going to sound really odd, but X is in prison for a few months a big misunderstanding! Maybe that just gave her an out, but I was hurt.

  • Twenty minutes went by and I texted him again telling him that we could leave if he wasn't feeling well.
  • Nothing like trying to make small talk while looking through glass at formaldehyde jars with severed penises in them.
  • He then came in absolute last place and tried to make out with me in the truck his dad was driving.
  • Needless to say, I never called him back.
  • He gave me chlamydia and we made it through that and all of a sudden he stopped talking to me.
  1. But there was no Uber in my small town!
  2. He then started reeling off names of people I'm friends with on Facebook, even though I hadn't told him my last name and we weren't Facebook friends!
  3. Not long after, I glanced out the window of my house and saw him parked a couple houses down with another person in the car.

He ensured me that he was fine and just needed a few minutes. He said I looked like a girl from an amateur porn video. When I arrived, he asked for a ride to Ikea because he'd just sold his dining room table on Craigslist and needed another. In return, I totally ghosted him. When I realized that he was dead serious, I told him that I wasn't splitting the bill because I hadn't eaten anything of his.

Buzzfeed online dating stories

Share On vk Share On vk Share. Read our main story about ghosting and emotional debt here. We met up at his house and he began acting strange. She was so drunk we skipped the show and I ended up having to take her back to my place because I didn't know where she lived.

People who ghosted others

While we perused the menu at an Indian restaurant, some winged beast flew overhead and took the most massive dump on me. After the movie he followed me to my car and wanted me to give him a ride home because he had taken an Uber. As I thought of an escape plan, I heard a strange noise. She found a bachelorette party and joined in on the fun.

We went to the cinema and while waiting in line she turned to me and asked if I heard the man next to us whispering her name. Turns out she had started messing around with a mutual friend and was too ashamed to come clean about it. They left two hours later.

Buzzfeed online dating stories

15 Online Dating Horror Stories That ll Make You Want To Be Single Forever

14 First Date Horror Stories That ll Leave You Speechless

He couldn't comprehend why I declined. Things were going really well, and he eventually almost moved in with me and my family. All this time, my date just stared at me, dumbfounded. Once I moved, he slowly stopped communicating with me and then called me a desperate bitch after I asked what was going on. Probably the worst part of the date was halfway through dinner when he told me that he spent time in jail for a felony charge.

15 Online Dating Horror Stories That ll Make You Want To Be Single Forever

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