The History of Caminetto (shapes stamping articles etc.)

So, the Castello Philosophy was born. The History of Caminetto shapes, stamping, articles, etc. This logo was originally ivory but has been replaced with a plastic.

Thank you for your dedication to the maker's history, which brings more meaning to the objects we cherish. This is the article that brought me to BoB. His father wanted to hire him in as a full-time pipemaker, but Davoli refused, being afraid to lose influence to the potentially strong alliance between father and son. Small k in an oval with castle marking on some lines. Here is the Caminetto I just recently inherited.

The Castello Pipe

This denoted varying size of the pipes. The shapes were not created by a machine, but by the hands of a master. Early Castello pipes emulated the English classic shapes, if a man leaned toward that aesthetic, he already had plenty of established brand names to turn to.

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When it was just right for my taste, I re-lit the pipe and now consider it one of my very favorites. On the underside on this band is engraved the well know castle logo. Fiammatas can be standard shaped pieces, although it is common in freestyle models as well. Navigation menu Personal tools English Log in.

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It really is a great smoker. Stem Logos Castello uses several logos. At best, the way they're often sold is confusing, and at worst, buyers are straight-up being mislead. It resembles cedar shingles similar to roofing shingles. Many American collectors consider Castello the only serious rival to Dunhill when it comes to pipes made in a factory, and I know a good number who regard Castello as the best in the world.

Castello Pipes

It really is understandable why Scotti sought legal actions against Caminetto when it was falling apart, as their finishes and rustications were so, so similar. The success was overwhelming - far beyond any expectation, online dating musical with the rusticated Business line becoming the most popular. Mike has the prototype New Dear in his collection. It's in everyone's best interest if the lie is believed.

  1. However, he said that collectors can special order similar racks from any Castello dealer in America.
  2. These pipes are hand carved with knives and all have flames on the bowl and sometimes up the shank as well.
  3. There is no standard size of the white bar.
  4. He also opened the drawers in a shelf behind the counter, one at a time, and put them on the glass counter top.
  5. Thank you sir for being so forthcoming with all this great information.
  • Frank, it might have derailed a splendid revolution.
  • Maybe it just depends on how much wind Franco had at lunch that day.
  • As an aside I've was told by a collector that the name New Dear was a mistake by the stamp maker it was supposed to be New Idea.
  • For Carlo, this character was Wally Frank, who accidentally bumped into Carlo on a pipe buying trip to Italy.
  • One of the most expensive Italian pipes I ever bought was a beautiful straight-grain calabash made by Ser Jacopo.

Special Finishes or Nomenclature. An all-smooth, waxed, deep black stained finish that is very, very rare. So Guiseppe Ascorti hastily equipped a new workshop and then he left the company which was essentially his own, with the complete crew whom he had trained in the old Caminetto workshop following him. Never heard that one before Dave, that would make sense though, being such a new style of carving. The production of sculptured pipes is very limited.

So not surprisingly, some of the best pipes produced today are made in the small factories and workshops scattered throughout the country. Some growth did occur via word of mouth. Radice, being an employed pipemaker rather than a partner, could not assert himself.

It prefers to be, not to appear, always looking for a perfection that, in the human limits, Castello tries to reach. The highlight of my visit came at the end, after we entered a back room that contained a stunning wood-and-glass rack containing some of the most beautiful Castello pipes ever made. Hello, I was searching the web for info on the Castello Hawkbill.

Caminetto pipes are known to be some of the best smoking pipes ever produced and the earliest pipes command pretty good prices today as most of you already know. The merchant in Florence told me then that here were only made a very few from pipes with this shank adornment. It could use some updating.

As said, a lot of this information is available on the web and some of it is not, as I had to call various companies and business reaching for information. The newer model Caminetto stampings are quite different and easy to date. Upon hitting New York, Mr. The information above is similar to what Pipedia has, but mine is more grammatically friendly and fills in the gaps more.

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Your website is informative and helpful. Davoli, for reasons of corporate identity, later wore a big mustache, dating sites montreal free too. Their air holes inside the pipes and mouthpieces are frequently very close to the dimensions that I have written about in the past. This style of carving consists of a spiral or paneled surface that is smooth and shows the grain unlike an Epoca that is not smooth and generally hides the grain.

Indeed, had Carlo acquiesced to Mr. Using plenty of elbow grease, he very quickly, and gently, turned out tiny circles of briar wood. In an era when there were no fax machines, emails, and a transatlantic correspondence took days, communication lags exacerbated tension.

Marco has a charismatic smile and a natural friendliness about him. Basic Castello shape numbers are usually included on Trademark pipes, as the only smooth grade that includes shape numbers. Tinder Box often stamped their shield on the pipes as well.

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It is hard to date the older Caminettos because they did not have a dating system like their newer counterpart, but they did change styles in their stampings, which give better hints at dates. That is the history of Caminetto as far as I have found in my years of appreciating the brand. There is also another factor in stamping, that is, absolutely free dating which series the pipe falls in.

The next controversy was regarding Roberto. Another important aspect of this era came in manufacturing technique. Ironically enough, the increasing demand soon drove Ascorti and Radice to the limits of their production. Franco's father-in-law was the legendary Carlo Scotti, who was to Castello pipes what Alfred Dunhill was to Dunhill pipes.

Castello pipes were highly sought after but hard to get due to limited production. Frank redefined in the minds of many an American what it took to give a pipe a pedigree. The registration number is not for shapes or styles. It has the gold two part moustache on the stem. In any case, I used to be an exclusive Caminetto collector, that is, I only bought Caminetto's for a time.

Castello Tobacco Pipes

Nothing like you have compiled. These have, as a rule, been stained a medium brown or rust color, although over the last several years, we are seen more light tan and deeper blasted pieces. Like Al says, all of your compiled information does belong in Pipepedia.

Most fairytales introduce a character or an element that allows the protagonist to overcome peril. The following history was written by R. The Tinder Box International was put under contract, success with with successful nationwide distribution.

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Franco takes great pride in his work. This finish is actually a carved pattern on the surface of smooth finished pipes. Thank you for this fantastic work! Carlo's work-passion continues unaltered under the faithfull guidance of his daughter Savina and Franco Coppo.

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