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Yeshu Tapailai Prem Garchu. Music editors select top situating tunes of the week. Mo swastika Rai Darjeeling batah malai sabai ishtuti manparyo. May God bless u abundantly for your effort. Timrai Nimti- Anno Domini Band.

Ma bachunjel paramprabhu ko. Prabhu le malai bachaunu bhayo. Bharnuhos tapaiko aatma le-Female.

Sabai Chodi aaye- Judah Plows. Hindi Christian Devotional Songs are again here. All Pakistanis are equal President avers. Aaja bhandei bagcha yo samay.

Girls on Stage in Punjab dance girls hot dance. Bhavisya yedi Kasaile- by Hepzibah band. You can click on the play button under each Hindi song title and hear the music directly from this page.

Punjabi Christian Songs Download. Punjabi Christian Songs Free Download. You are putting good efforts. Still You can try searching with other keyword combination in the search box.

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Pakistani Christian asylum seekers hold prayer vigils outside German and French Embassies. Can I get the lyrics of Hindi christian song Rahi masih ki chalte jana chalte chalte rukh na ja. Yeshu ko tyo pida lai samjhera- beautiful nepali christian song by Bigyan Baraily. Kati Anand rahecha jeevan. Instead of dowloading onew by one i would be greatful if u could send by mail.

Facebook Twitter Google Print. Happy to know that it was helpful to you. Jiwan Mitho Cha Jeuna chahane lai. The option to download these songs is not available for now.

Christmas Aayo bhandeicha- Adrian Dewan. Mero Hridaile mero Aatma le. Mana ko tarai ma- Teresa Ghatani. It is indeed good to praise the Lord always. Yo Jiwan- Swaroop Raj Acharya.

Christko maya boki rahaula. Bhayogya Prabhu kati mahan. Ekta ko Sutra ma Badhnuhos hamilai. It helps us to grow Reply It was helpful to me in this solitary place away from hometown. Yesterday marked the second death anniversary of war-hero Cecil Chaudry.

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Christian Music Download Free Wallpapers And VideosHindi bhakti geet

Himal Bata- Santosh Ramdan. Sure Bidhan, thank you for passing by. Naeem Asad hails from Sialkot, modzila Pakistan.

Budding singing sensation Nirmal Roy has been ushered in the music scene of county by a stupefying Coke Studio debut. Sarangi veena by Adrain Dewan. Very Very good site for Catholic music, articles etc. The slang of people speaking Hindi differs a lot from state to state. Ek Kadam Aghi Das kadam pachi.

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Masihi Geet Download

This entry is filed under Songs. Akash Mathi Yeshu ko sath.

Anautho lagcha malai yo jeevan. This page is the perfect online destination where you can listen to Hindi Bollywood video songs. They are properly masterminded. Islamic State militants group develops an effective management structure.

God bless you richly as it is a strong and wise system to saturate with the glorious Gospel the globe that has been groping in the darkness. Timi bina mero jindagi-female.

Ernest Mall - Geet Zaboor - All Songs Collection

Bharosa garnuhos hai Parmeshwor. Pakistani Christians teed off about social media post dishonoring Pontiff and the crucifix. Tapai Jastei huna chahanchu. Vashikaran Specialist in Mumbai Vashikaran Specialist. You can play the songs here as much as you need.

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Paramprabhu mero asal gothalo. Very Nice site and it is helpful info. Tune of the Day is in like manner shared on our web organizing fan page. Keep visiting for more updates.

Masihi Geet DownloadMasihi Geet Download

Euta susandesh sunera bachna chahane. Chaheko by The Chronicles band.

It was nice to hear the beautiful religious songs. Archbishop of Islamabad and Rawalpindi diocese Msgr.

Ernest Mall - Geet Zaboor - All Songs Collection