Should You Date Or Marry Your Astro-Twin

Comparisons of the lives of astrological twins is a fascinating study. It adds a layer of interest! We are both anxious worriers but we are also I think kind at heart and a bit sensitive. Your Moon is in Gemini, whereas his is in Leo.

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Dating a girl with the same birthday

We will see where it goes. Another Cap born that week is sniffing around via fb. That right there is the best barometer. So happy you are enjoying your subscription! These and other questions are the kinds of issues you can deal with in correspondence with your astrological twin.

Life is too short to rule out a relationship because of birthdate. Am I getting too deep here? Stand up on your soap box and let us know what's going on! How does this work astrologically? My nephews are twins, nz dating sign up born one minute apart.

  1. Is this the year you will find your soulmate?
  2. If he sleep thats mean he wake me up.
  3. It was kind of like looking in the mirror and having my faults pointed out daily.
  4. Man we did some crazy wonderful things together.

With an all-access membership. One in particular almost gave me a nervous breakdown just from talking to him at a party for half an hour. Very love zombie, yet so very smooth and groovy. Think the universe was telling me something and I was too stupid to listen.

Our dates often last with us just talking for days and we were pretty much instantly comfortable with each other. It's a dealbreaker within a dealbreaker. Just wanna share with you all about my experience.

Should You Date Or Marry Your Astro-Twin

My parents were born on the same day, the same year. Not necessarily the same age, just the same day. New guy at work has my same birthday, five years later. If your birthday was the same day of the same year, especially in the same city or small geographic area, why join a dating there would clearly be a much greater similarity between the charts. In college I had mates born just before and just after so we would have combined cocktail parties for our birthdays.

Dating a girl with the same birthday

Lots of similarities between us but so far so good! Covert is taboo but delicious! And glam- tons of books about Marilyn lately.

Based on all this, it would have to be judged on a case to case basis but really the only judgment that matters is yours. Whatever happen to me there must be something similar happen to him also. And please don't worry, your report will be anonymous. For me, embarrassing college hookup it would be a terrible match because I want someone odd and unusual.

Unfortunate fact is they get underrated and its the annoying ones we talk about more because they irk us for eons. Forget the birthdays, bring on that napalm! My Venus exactly conjunct his exact Sun-Mars conjunction.

Things not working out the way you had hoped? One of them is the stereotype Leo. Has one of you used the same astrological influences to become happier, more successful, more productive? Oh yes I have this with Caps born in the same week.

Also my ex seems to be pursuing a liaison with a gal with my exact birth date. We are both very sensual beings. Too early to judge the whole thing yet has any longterm prospects, but it was fun. Particularly if the birth came naturally instead of a choosing to induce labor on that date. Have a question about astrology or life?

My first boyfriend was born same hospital several hours apart! Website admin will know that you reported it. It really is a bit like looking in the mirror and understanding yourself in someone else.

Same Birthday in Astrology Astro twins

No same day love encounters. At least if I had a partner with the same birthday, I could foist all the cards and gifts off onto her. How often does this happen? They are different but they both express the same charts. My fiance and i are both leos.

  • As the token Aries though I always went first.
  • Lots of odds and coincidence articles.
  • At least, until you broke up.
  • Then I remembered a strange statistic.

Anyone else have experience or an opinion about dating your astro-twin? Dating Dating, courting, or going steady? Dating someone with the same birthday I'm just curious if anyone has dated someone with the same birthday as them? Originally Posted by zengirl.

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Dating a girl with the same birthday

He is about seven hours older than me and we are Levirgans. In astrology the very same placement can manifest in different ways. We have the same sort of energy. As such, they would share the same interests, tastes, career choices, major life changes, man etc.

Dating a girl with the same birthday

Apparently there aren't many July babies where I live. Astrological Twins are two unrelated people born on the same day, at the same hour, in the same world region. However this tendency is shown my chart and another person may take a lot of comfort being paired with someone very much like themselves.

Dating a girl with the same birthday
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Same Birthday Synergy Attraction

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Even if all is on the line! If anything, the time spent working with him helped me realize how annoying Virgos can be. It suprises people when we tell them this. Same mercury, mars, venus, Uranus, neptune saturn, etc.

We had such a connection and I was immediately attracted to him. Also, please include your location. Same month, yr and a bit under a day apart. Some adult twins relocate in different places which activates the relocation chart hence a different life.

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This does not happen very often although I see people born within a week of each other fairly frequently. If you or someone close to you is currently in crisis or in an emergency situation, contact your local law enforcement agency or emergency number. Home Page Other Articles on this subject. If someone really considered having the same birthday as me a dealbreaker, that would be a dealbreaker for me anyways.

Same Birthday Synergy Attraction

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