Until then, we wish her well. Honestly, I think its disgusting. When the baby was born he never was there has a father. Her friends say that Lueck, who is due to graduate this year, would never cut off communication from her friends or miss midterm exams, a wedding, or a flight back to Los Angeles this week.

Dating a girl with two baby daddies
  • She is rushing into sex and trusting men who are showing themselves to be dishonorable.
  • You don't know a person's life story.
  • The first was a mistake, the second was a choice.
  • She is the mother of two girls and each of them has a different dad.
Dating a girl with two baby daddies

They feel judged and misunderstood. It will take a really special guy to move past that news and want to continue seeing her. She is wrong cause she has bad judgement not a bad heart.

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Daddy s Girl Dilemma 20 Unpleasant Consequences of Dating Her

  1. It makes me thing what is so hard about protecting yourself?
  2. Understandable if all the females become a bit defensive because it's like attacking their sexuality.
  3. The agreement seems to work for this woman and her confession shines a light on the non-traditional family.
  4. She admits that she made some mistakes in her past and really could careless what you think about it.
  5. It seems like this confessor is making the best of what could be a tricky relationship.
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Salt Lake City police say they are looking into the year-old's dating life by reviewing her social media accounts and dating profiles. This comes after Lueck's friends came forward to police to say she was casually dating several people and was interested in older men. Authorities didn't specify if they've spoken with anyone she was dating.

Dating a girl with two baby daddies
Dating a girl with two baby daddies

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That'd probably be a deal breaker for me, because that's a lot of emotional baggage to carry. Now, it is the norm, not the exception. Please contact us at data valnetinc. These would be red flags to mi. Do you want to be with someone that has concrete evidence of two failed what you hope were long term relationships.

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These women are often forced to sort through feelings of rejection and judgment. Teen moms are faced with all sort of challenges but this confession shines a light on just how complicated things can get. If someone has a history of bad decisions, then that is a red flag. She admits that she struggles with feeling like a total loser.

Of course, this is assuming they're single parents. That is sad and I have seen a few women like that. Not only that, but did they just not use a condom?

Things just didn't work out the first time around, so who am I to judge her based on that? He started doing drugs and drinking, would abuse me emotionally and could not keep a job. Instead of giving them time with their fathers she leaves them with who ever. It shows that maintaining a relationship isn't one of her strong points and like you said making the good decisions in the relationship isn't a strong point either.

15 Whisper Confessions From Women With Multiple Baby Daddies

Dating a girl with two baby daddies

By Kayla Brantley For Dailymail. Sort Girls First Guys First. He could have donated sperm, helped out a friend who was having trouble, had gotten a divorce or a few. Website for moms seeking advice, community, and entertainment.


This is revealing enough but I think that it is the last admission that gives us the most insight into how immature this girl really is. In all honesty, I just think that those girls have made life complex for various different people all because they couldn't keep their legs closed and control their sexual urges and it's sad. Hopefully, this girl has a support system around her to build her up and protect her from the judgment of others.

Dating a girl with two baby daddies

This woman has a bad track record when it comes to men. Depends on what the situation was. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has. Because I see it all of the time.

21 Comfortless Stories From Women With Many Baby Daddies

There are times where I feel there is no excuse to what she's doing. But generally I think it a red flag. On Tuesday police revealed that Lueck had encountered Salt Lake City police several times in the last four years but her disappearance does not appear to be related to these incidents. This is the Instagram account Lueck maintained aside from her own personal page, which is best dating site where she posted suggestive photos. The babies deserve to have a relationship with their grandparents.

She says Lueck doesn't typically travel alone and may have been impacted by the death of her grandmother after returning to Utah from the funeral. Hopefully, she will meet a gentleman who can love her despite her past mistakes. Hell yeah it should tip you off to be careful, if she just sleeps around and is too dumb to use birth control then stay away.

It's like if you abort the baby then you are a murderer and if you keep it you have evidence of sleeping with men. We can only hope that her current boyfriend plans on sticking around and raising their baby. In another message Lueck revealed she has two sugar daddies and which sites she uses to obtain them. Which usually indicates that they have very low self esteem and a messed up perception of their worth.

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She admits that she totally feels judged because of it. Her dreams have been shattered because all that she ever wanted was a happy family. But it depends on the person too, I'm sure some are careless, slutty and in some cases just dumber than a sack of hammers. Some people have no excuse, ghanaian sugar mummies dating others do.

This scandalous Whisper confession exceeds all expectations. By subscribing, you expressly consent and agree to receive email newsletters from BabyGaga including any third party offers that may be included in said emails. During registration, users may optionally provide demographic information i.

You can't paint everyone with a broad brush like that. Most people are wasteing time with the bad ones when the good ones pass um by. Many women with multiple baby daddies echo this sentiment.

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