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They are all things common and applicable to single women. The author, who is a marriage and family therapist, uses research and other materials to teach valid points.

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They If you are single this is a book with lots of great information that you will want to review again and again. In each example I was able to think of a person I know or have heard about who has been in that situation. The author, who is a marriage and family t As I read this book I thought that every woman should read it. That is what convinced me to buy the book.

It has tips for good habits to start and ideas for each stage of dating. The next section discussed gaining confidence and the third section was about being successful in the dating scene. It shows you what to look for early on in dating to avoid the guys who are total jerks. Then she gives a list that she explains in detail of the do's and don'ts of dating. As an introvert, who has said she doesn't know how to flirt, are joel courtney and kat mcnamara dating I felt enlightened.

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The next section discussed gaining confidence and the I was so opposed to reading this book due to the title alone, but I'm glad that a friend of mine convinced me to read it. It has chapters about how to recognize and avoid men who will manipulate, abuse, or control you. The book is easy to read and understand. One of the key ideas is to recognize men or women who are emotionally immature.

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They are self-control, personal responsibility and empathy. Men who are lacking one or more of three main character traits which make up emotional maturity. It was very straight forward and helpful. It's a very insightful book. It makes sense to me and I wish I would have read this when I was a teenager.

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She has lists of questions which help you understand the people you date and relationships you may have already had. Now I just need to put what I learned to the test and see if anything comes of it.