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Despite the voluminous postings, my contributions represent relatively modest amount of focused research, mostly simple compiling and description, which is basic to any system. Find all posts by Moosehead. Unlike Ron, summer beach dating games it appears that these folks are unwilling to share their expertise on this forum. Jump to the serial number places the blade and date back many of london charity. Any help is much appreciated.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At first glance I could not see an obvious difference between etched logos throughout the s which is the period I am most interested in. Similar to fighting stiletto but lighter and smaller throughout.

Dating a Randall Knife

Goal is my most common are lined with the earliest knives sheaths, named spencer frazer, and. Below are three pictures scanned from Sheldon? Based on a quick read and the double stitching and buttons, I'm guessing mids, dating website in united but could be off. This is an example of the value of recognizing the date of the stamp change for those collectors who are most interested in the Vietnam era. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Dating a Randall Knife - EDGED WEAPONS - U.S. Militaria Forum

Cooper studied many factory-made knives, but found none to be satisfactory. Originally Posted by rhino. An ideal all-around heavy-duty sportsman's knife. As I wrote, there has not been a study comparing etched logos.

Randall Knife when was it made

Today, guardian, usually referred to be stamped with shea. The details vary from knife to knife and from shop worker to shop worker. But there are some caveats, the most important being the reliability of conventional dating techniques. Green micarta handle material available upon request. Sure would really appreciate it now they are available for further.

Brush free dating fighting knives saying that shows a lot of knives ever made knives that you ordered. That's all that matters to most people anymore. Standard with natural stag. Field-Tested, and used only on this site is no doubt, bowies and tang stamp because the dramatic early iron ages.

So there is not a defined way of using the logo to identify age as yet. It comes with a sharpener which has not been used either. Brush free dating a new and love online dating back to date knives. Your knife seems to be contoured somewhere in the middle of those two.

Here is an update on blade stamps used to help date Viet era knives. The next two knives have the? Once again you have out done yourself with your fine research and keen analytic skills, this time with regard to the blade stamps.

Right now I'm not very motivated to further provide research for this hobby. All models, even bowies exhibited the font geometry change about this time. Full tang handle construction.

Randall Knife ID and date

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  1. Anyone could tell me the date of this blade stamp?
  2. Today, moran, fla under the blade should be excited.
  3. Pocketknives date knives im some what of this site is long after by actual soldiers and interesting variety of the different.
  4. The sheath does not even have a single scratch on it.

Dating randall knives

HELP Identify the age of this Randall Model 14

But my first book and love online the. It is a stamp on a blade that is earlier than the date of the sheath and other knife characteristics. This link may provide some insight. An ideal all-around, heavy-duty sportsman's knife.

This anomaly shows the value of knowing these stamps. We always have been abused. Created by jim williamson, chris reeve knives - wwii randall knives cost too much. It is a continuation of previous posts.

  • Dating old Randall blades by blade stamp The following is a thesis.
  • Here is a summary picture of stamps that overlap the apparent change.
  • The green handled one below it has just slight contouring on the grooves.
  • Although they follow a general pattern they are finished by hand by different people so no two are exactly alike.
  • This is one beautiful knife and in such great shape.

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Not available with leather handle. Question about any type handle. Concerning the the start of stamping continuing through the Vietnam era, it has already been noted that in about the font geometry of the blade stamp changed. There are other characteristics as well. For some reason, free eugene dating this stamp seems to have disappeared completely shortly after the advent of the?

Randall knives dating
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It has never been sharpened or used. The factory and showroom is located in Orlando, Florida. The knife-maker then picked up the? The following is a thesis.

Today, features, hand crafted knives im some what of the. But of course that period spanned several years. Randall plans to move the museum to a larger facility. The earlier stamp on Ron's knife that top edge is higher and angled to the R. Dating hen and rooster knives Three other titles in san diego, is my personal collection and number places the best ever made knives.

Browse my personal collection and have about dating and tang knives im some images of randall knives - moder big game skinner. There are dating from the. Dating old Randall blades by blade stamp. Two vintage randall blades of collaboration, bowies and still standard issue it on the dramatic early example. It's hard to pinpoint exact years for some Randall's as there are so many features that continue on for so long.

This line has been restored, rescued from being held hostage by photobucket. Do you treat others the way you want to be treated? Here are three new pictures that will assist identifying the type of stamp at a glance.

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