Dead Linger

Too hot, and the survivor will get heat stroke. Server hosts will be able to select which difficult level characters are allowed on their server, and survivors of different difficulty levels will be able to survive together. We have a very extensive system planned which will allow you to shoot and cut the limbs off of zombies in full gory details.

They'll range from neutral to friendly and will usually run or defend themselves if attacked. Box of Nails Box of Nails Nails are currently in the world but they are not used in gameplay yet. Not every zombie should be intact, and they should all tell a unique story about where they came from and what happened to them - either before or after they turned. Here, have a bandana name-hiding feature.

Peripheral Vision Peripheral Vision We are planning to simulate the effects and utility of human peripheral vision. This trial could permanently unlock a perk that boosts your marksmanship, sort of the same way training a lot with firearms in real life would make you better at using firearms. Cooperative Survival - Cooperative Survive with Friends. One single type of office building can generate in the world with thousands of different layouts, creating a new, unique experience every single time. Machinima Mode Machinima Mode Movie-makers rejoice!

If you see this icon next to a feature, that means it's currently available in The Dead Linger's latest playable build. If a survivor is sneaking about and they accidentally bump into a dormant undead, ea sport need for speed the zombie will turn to face them. Gameplay in The Dead Linger was to be similar to other survival games.

The Dead Linger is a canceled sandbox zombie video game developed by Sandswept Studios. All of these same characte customization features are being provided to the zombie randomization system as well. As zombies pour through the lobby and give chase from behind, up is the only way to go, and you won't survive a fall from those windows.

The Dead Linger features many gameplay mechanics. Hey, at least you have some ammo.

Knives Knives Why do knives get their own category? Infection Symptoms Infection Symptoms Once you are infected, it's all downhill from there. Zombies can be found wandering in gigantic, roaming crowds. Inventory System Storage space, carrying items, and anything to do with backpacks.

The Dead Linger

This mode will be playable solo and cooperatively as well. Zombies use all of the senses as strongly as possible and without distraction. This is the mode for masochists and survivors of a questionably moral nature. You will find lots of these characters around survivor encampments as well.

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Fog Fog There is currently some early morning fog, but we will expand this system in a fog system that sometimes rolls through. Higher tier items are progressively more rare. If you do not enjoy this style of play, you will never have to participate in server's running this game mode. Anklebiter Anklebiter Unfortunately, the virus does not hold bias against age.

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Dink Dink A small, beat-up paddleboat. Currently all survivors initially start with a hammer.

In the picture above, the nav mesh is shown in orange. Zombies will however crawl through windows and over lower fences.

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You can also right click with the hammer to pry boards off of their current position. They could range from transcripts to journals to medical documents, or short stories completely unrelated to the apocalypse the survivor finds themself in. It's a rather important part of a vehicle, wouldn't you agree? Sanity System Sanity System The Dead Linger will feature a sanity system based on contact with the undead, horrifying events, and in general, hanging out alone in the dark for too long. Please bear in mind that development can and will take place on any feature at any given time, and nothing you read here is set in stone.

You're the scraps in the middle. Once the character is made you will be able to increase the difficulty but you will never be able to decrease it. We'll be fixing that in a bit. We have the idea conceptualized as far as how we'll do it when the time comes, so this is marked as Concept Ready. This is a very important feature for proper vehicle feel.

The Dead Linger

Player Free For All Kill or be killed. Realism and tactical awareness is the name of the game! Speed Stat Speed Stat The Speed Stat shows how fast the survivor can currently move and it's based on a number of factors, ranging from inventory weight to items equipped.

Development Roadmap for The Dead Linger

Body Type Body Type We plan to provide some tools to change your character's muscularity, broadness, and general weight so you can create the exact survivor you want to be. Exploration Mode Survival - Exploration Mode Exploration Mode will be a way to play survival without any major threats. Welcome to the apocalypse.

Fatigue will reduce all of your stats as it grows, and if left unmanaged for too low, the survivor may even collapse to exhaustion. Different climates and weathers will require different clothing to keep warm. Achievements Achievements Steam Achievements are big part of progression and completion of a game, for many survivors.

That's your main character, he goes everywhere with you, and doesn't really carry anything long term. Perks can be anything from being able to run faster, aim quicker, or hit harder.

Crafting System Building, creating, and taping stuff together. This is not very secure, and if something bad happens, you may lose an item entirely. We will leave it up to server hosts to decide how realistic or gamey they want this to be. Iron Sights Iron Sights We broke iron sights!

We are currently working on a variety of animations that are all different speeds and those instead will determine the zombies movement rates. The lower a survivor keeps their Infection Risk, the less likely they are to turn. As the Picatinny rails make it a highly customizable platform, this rifle will be found with many different variants and attachments. This motion will also allow you to deal damage to zombies and other enemies on the opposite side of the door. Clothes will have a warmth rating.