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Her simply being present with a person with Aids, or a with a person who lost their limbs to a landmine, woke up the masses to very real and serious issues. However, life as a royal reporter was not one long jolly. She managed to focus on what is important to her, and never lose sight of that, in all the events of her life. Shortly before he died, the Princess sent her father a short note explaining why she had co-operated in a book about her life.

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Chatty but diffuse, James was happy to talk about any subject but the Princess. Morton adds context to how he gathered the information for her What a sad book. While I was keen to talk to the Princess directly, this was simply out of the question. People who seem nice to ordinary people, can be mean in reality. It might have been the best part of the book because after that, things became redundant.

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Every day they asked themselves how long the conspiracy to hoodwink the future queen could continue. For my part Diana was interviewed by proxy, James Colthurst the perfect agent to undertake this delicate and, as it turned out, historic mission. She could be unnervingly blithe even when discussing the most intimate and difficult periods of her life. In this story I felt the real Diana, the woman who just wanted to be loved, and yet had so much love to give.

And it's been a long time coming. This attitude, however, was merely bravado and resolved nothing. It actually explains how she ended up with a chauvinist like Charles. This book is an okay read, but if you are expecting a balanced representation of her experience with the Windsor family, you won't find it here.

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But it worked triumphantly. If I was going to swim against the tide of public sentiment regarding the Princess of Wales and her husband, I needed some help.

The whole fault lay with Charles and his philandering with Camilla. It gradually dawned on her and her intimate circle that unless the full story of her life was told, the public would never appreciate or understand the reasons behind any actions she decided upon. While it had its lighter moments, this was a high-stakes, winner-take-all game. In this commemorative edition, Morton has included the real transcripts from some of the interview tapes on which she answered his questions during the writing of the biography. Morton gave the questions he had to the middle person, then the middle person asked her and they recorded the interview, then it went back to Morton.

Nonetheless she remained steadfast in her involvement with the venture. The winner of numerous awards, including Author of the Year, his other New York T Andrew David Morton born is one of the world's best-known biographers and a leading authority on modern celebrity. Colthurst and I advised her to write him an honest letter, buy him an expensive present and send him on his way.

It was that much of a shock to them. The book tells the story of Diana from her youth till her almost the early s. She tried to show her sons what she does, and they seemed to develop an interest in that too.

About Author Andrew David Morton

Diana Her True Story PDF Review

Her True Story, was her autobiography, the personal testament of a woman who saw herself at the time as voiceless and powerless. And isn't it true, that often the people who are most loving and happy on the outside, are often the most unhappy inside. Quite simply, she wanted the liberty to speak her mind, the opportunity to tell people the whole story of her life and to let them judge her accordingly. To read those notes, then read the full text of the book made it evident that she fully participated in telling her story. Books that are very powerful can make the reader connect the story back to their life.

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Diana Her True Story in Her Own Words

But, in reality, he was very hurtful, and dishonest to her, throughout their marriage. Even more so is my opinion on Diana. There's a section with notes in Diana's own words. And it certainly doesn't help when you're being dragged through a troubled marriage in front of billions of watchful eyes.

It did make me wish terribly that she was here today to see her sons and their family that they've created. Having been friends with people who practice self-harm, attempted suicide, and had eating disorders among other problems, I know how Prince Charles felt. Read this if you would like to know a lot of the personal details of Diana s life.

My induction to the truth came courtesy of the man in charge of the tape recorder. She had been in the limelight all of her adult life. By degrees he too was admitted into her secret club and was given glimpses of the real life, rather than the fantasy, endured by the Princess.

This was particularly so if she had received some bad press or had a disagreement with her husband. From this book, I realized that many lives of famous people are different on the inside, then the outside. Diana was dressed quite casually in jeans and a blue shirt. It soon became clear that Colthurst, an Old Etonian and son of a baronet whose family have owned Blarney Castle in Ireland for more than a century, had known the Princess for years. Regarding the book, there were too many unnecessary details.

Makes sense because it's supposed to be her own words. It was hard to follow what happened in chronological order. She tried to move back to her ancestral home at Althorp, but her brother then decided it was not a good idea for his family for security reasons.

This is a good book with great insight, but one has to be really aware of the biases going into this book. It appears rather positively biased towards her and not a very neutral, balanced account of her life. There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Diana being hounded by the press. It's as if many Brits have accepted that Charles is the way he is, but they have never forgiven him for Diana's death, and I'd say the sentiment is at least double that towards Camilla. Diana's impact will be felt more than ever. If the bulk of the claims in this book are true, a mp3 player she had a pretty awful life.

It was certainly a bit strange reading about a dead person as if she were alive. No matter what, she will never be forgotten, because of what she has done, to modernize the monarchy, and for other people. The royal family did not pay attention to how you felt, at that time, leaving you alone, to bottle up those emotions you were feeling, and have them build up inside of you. Princess Diana did whatever she could to help people in need. It was a process which the Princess continued until the very end.

Diana Her True Story PDF Review

Sadly, it felt largely like I was reading the same book twice. It was horribly exploitative. The first line of deniability was her friends, who were used as cover to disguise her participation. It just so happens that I was recently in St John's and stopped to browse a local used bookshop, inside which I found a pristine copy of the book.