Pregnant Hayley sees Bev and tries to avoid her, but Bev arrives at Hayley's home with flowers. Hayley tells her to leave, saying she is not welcome, but Bev returns the next day, admitting she was staying with a friend, dating and apologises for her earlier mistakes. Halfway and Stuart's relationship is portrayed as dark and Clay thought Stuart's introduction added another dimension to his character.

Where are the original EastEnders cast members now

Players in a chess tournament. Marla arrives on Albert Square to see Karen as she wants Mitch back, announcing she is pregnant and both Karen and Marla confront Mitch. Blake is a man who Tiffany Butcher Maisie Smith meets after she runs away from home. Milo's plan is to give Robert directions, but Robert insists he knows the route and tries to go a different way, though Milo convinces him to follow his directions. The affable fruit and veg trader.

Stuart alleges Mick Carter Danny Dyer shot him when he regains consciousness. Dennis buys a phone from them, and when Stix and Jagger see the police, they ask Dennis to hide the bag of phones somewhere safe and they will pay him for it. The track cyclist died at her home in California, U. Calvin asks Max to get three character references. We think EastEnders is on to a winner with Keegan's charming-but-edgy dad, Mitch.

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  1. Mel tells Jack that Ray is her soulmate and he has changed, but Jack does not believe it and meets a former police colleague to find out anything bad about Ray.
  2. Tiffany reveals to Bernadette about her involvement with drugs and Tiffany convinces Bernadette to go with her when she kisses her and the following day, Evie gives Tiffany the package.
  3. He was vacationing in Mexico a few days before his death.
  4. Stuart agrees but then posts the video online anyway.
  5. She mentions that she once taught Lily Allen.
  6. Surely he needs no introduction?

EastEnders quiz How well do you know Sharon Mitchell - MyLondon

He brings his car to the local garage and asks Keanu Taylor Danny Walters to repair it and gives him money, asking Keanu to call him a cab. Ratcliff is survived by her son William, who has not yet spoken publicly about her death. Hayley is disgusted when Bev suggests that Hayley should scam her baby's father, who is also married, and when Hayley catches Bev going through her bag, they start to argue. Kelvin was the entrepreneur of Albert Square, who fell for an older woman and was humiliated when she publicly dumped him. Despite Kat and Jean's support, Hayley struggles to adapt to family life and runs away from home several times.

Amy-Leigh Hickman and Shaheen Jafargholi
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Sam later attends a session on knife crime with Carmel in Walford. Meet the actors who is a spokesperson for danny dyer. Hayley and Bev argue and berate each other, with Bev leaving Hayley when she bleeds. Tiffany later discovers that she is looking after drugs. Henry then drives his car away after telling Sharon to keep the cash and he will look her up when he comes back.

Kush Kazemi Shakil Kazemi. Kim then reveals that she has looked Morag up on the Internet and she is lying about her credentials. Stacey has definitely mellowed over the years, especially since returning in after four years away from the show. The police are then called. Letitia Dean plays Sharon Mitchell.

Halfway's initial stint on the show focuses on his relationship with the Carter family and establishing a relationship with Whitney. Adam Woodyatt plays Ian Beale. The mother-of-one to her son William also suffered three strokes and was later diagnosed with cancer. Mr Salih went on to build a successful film career. He's also particularly close to Denise and Kim Fox, who see him as a father figure on the Square.

EastEnders quiz How well do you know Sharon Mitchell

She is contacted by Masood Ahmed Nitin Ganatra on a dating website and they go on a date together. Connect with Facebook Connect with Google. It was reported that Ray's arrival would threaten Mel's relationship with Jack.

Andrea believes that with more confidence, Bex could aim for Oxbridge and gives Sonia some prospectuses. David Brown of Radio Times suspected that Ciara would share a connection with Aidan as they share a surname. Sadly, a person was found dead at the scene.

Tamzin Outhwaite and Tom Ellis

Steve McFadden plays Phil Mitchell. Tilly Keeper plays Louise Mitchell. Scott says must have got out of the boot and continued with her life, to which she says she felt unable to say anything at the time. Annie counts it and leaves. Later that night, singles with pof online dating Stuart sneaks into the pub and is shot by an unknown assailant and goes into a coma.

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They fake some photos and Kandice agrees to do a video call to Ellie to show her supporters. Outside, Bev cancels the viewing, revealing that she was being genuine. However, when Shirley Carter Linda Henry discovers Masood's plan, she introduces herself to Amal and says she can give a reference to Amal's father. Dr Zainuddin requests Hayley and her baby remain at the hospital until she has a feed. Mick wants use of a mobile phone, so Fraser gets him to do him a favour.

The news was confirmed on Twitter by his brother Albert Brooks. When Fred exits the train, Halfway follows. Ciara meets him at the funeral parlour, out of which he is doing business, and says she has worked out that he was involved. Family Husband Arshad Ahmed.

Anita Dobson and Brian May

List of EastEnders characters

Gretchen Franklin in with Willy the pug left from Eastenders and pictured in shortly before her death right. Would EastEnders ever be quite the same if snarling Shirley ever packed her bags? Angie left EastEnders after three years. Daveney's casting as Zara was announced on the day of her first episode. It's not too tricky to tell the difference between Phil Mitchell and Ian Beale, but do you struggle to keep track of who plays who in the EastEnders cast and how everyone fits in?

He was beloved by many and will be greatly missed. Mel goes there and sees him meeting another woman, Jodie Katie Buchholz. She passed away Monday morning, at home, in her apartment in New Orleans. Her father Mark Catlin confirmed in a letter sent to VeloNews that she died by suicide. Daisy leaves when Dan and Ashley collect her.

  • Upon Jean working out Alfie is the baby's father, Hayley goes onto the balcony of her family's old flat whilst drinking, but is talked down by Jean.
  • After Steve's death in a car explosion, Mel is arrested when she is implicated in Steve's drug smuggling, but Phil Mitchell Steve McFadden agrees to bail her when she finds out she is pregnant.
  • Later, when Mick asks Linda her whereabouts, she tells him she knows but he is adamant he did not do it and Linda worries whether she did the right thing, though Mick reassures her.
  • Later, Linda calls time on her marriage to Mick when he admits he started smothering Stuart.

Here's our full guide to the EastEnders cast. Simpson to on-screen life, year-old shaheen's love behind the dating on earth vostfr This page is tyler from eastenders cast and they are the who fell in order of its first appearance on partners. Ross believed he was dropped because he was dating his co-star Shirley Cheriton.

Meet the EastEnders cast s famous other halves past and present

Want to know who's leaving? Check out our screens, best known for larger-than-life actors who life. Stacey does not think they should give it to her so when Annie turns up, Stacey tells her they do not have the money, resulting in Annie slapping her.

Later, Hayley visits Stacey and warns her not to soften towards Martin when she feels guilty as they are cousins and Slaters. Mick Carter Danny Dyer says they have not ordered pizzas, and threatens Marky with violence when he insists on being paid. Mitch shouts for Karen and Keegan at the flat, but Keanu punches him.

Phil arrives and fights the gang off. After missing her earlier appointment for an abortion, Hayley cancels it and decides to keep her baby. He's currently living with Dot and Sonia. Hayley gives Brianna some cash that she had previously conned from Craig Nigel Betts and tells her to go to a shop at the next station, infj dating and gives her extra cash so she can get back on the tube.

What happened to the original Eastenders cast

Advertisements fund this website. Mitch asks Keegan to convince Keanu to move back home, which he does. Jagger appears with the bag and Keanu tells him it is now over so leave Dennis alone, but Jagger says he will decide when it is over.

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