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However, the electronic dance music that would become a global culture was hatched in the American Midwest through the early s. Chicago and Detroit Electronic dance music has existed in some form since at least the early s. The New Dance Sound of Detroit. Another was the increasingly common use of dance-music production techniques in pop and hip-hop e. Globally, the size of audiences at clubs and large parties had tapered off, and the music itself went through a reductionist phase.

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Electronic dance music

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Although minimal techno also called minimal, or mnml had emerged in the s in Detroit, by the middle of the next decade a distinctly Berlin-bred style had developed.

Most important, the music is created specifically for the social function of dancing all night. Prodigy, theBritish big-beat group the Prodigy, s. Thereafter, Berlin accommodated a panoply of artful house, techno, and other styles that provided the soundtrack to a party-focused lifestyle enjoyed in large part by expatriates and global tourists. Several factors played a role. Live instrumentation and singing are often featured but usually as a garnish rather than the main dish.

Considered as a whole, electronic dance music is characterized by several defining features. Germany, in particular Berlin, bmx vs scooter yahoo dating was also an important locale in the development of electronic dance music. The stylistic contributions made to electronic dance music in Germany and elsewhere in Europe are varied.

By the beginning of the s, raves had become widespread throughout Europe and, eventually, North America. Meanwhile, Germany, especially Frankfurt, was the origin of trance. One was the growth of the Internet, which made it easier to discover and access music outside the mainstream.