Football World Cup 2010 Video Songs

This song is one of the few that use different musical influences and styles to represent the diversity that exists worldwide. Nobody likes the money spent on stadiums. Host Country Brazil hosted the World Cup and there was a lot of talk about who would perform the official song. This is a popular theme in Brazilian society, where millions are trying to move into the middle class.

Share On vk Share On vk Share. Without Los Ramblers, there may have not been music created specifically for the World Cup. Share On sms Share On sms.

Kelly featuring Soweto Spiritual Singers. Share On link Share On link. Lovers of Beethoven and Mozart may be advised to stop reading now. Easy Easy Okay so this one is just funny.

Official Audio Official Music Video. Spurred on by the Latin rhythm, Spain couldn't fail!

If you're a pop fan you may just remember this one! For the first time ever, an Africa country hosted the tournament South Africa.

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Angry Thiem hits out at Serena. One of those is the official World Cup song. There was no qualification for the World Cup as places were given by invitation only. Off-field success Anastacia's song was a hit in Europe, Oceania and even more so in Asia, where the tournament took place.

Check out current Danish manager Morten Olsen bopping along early in the video plus Michael Laudrup and several others wearing a jumper that would likely cause a seizure. Official Swahili Music Video. This and many other songs weren't as popular as they are today, and they also weren't required by the host country. Every four years the charts are polluted with all manner of football themed songs. Can you remember who it was?

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Live Performance - Opening Ceremony. Share On tumblr Share On tumblr. Vindaloo Okay so this might be getting a bit heavy but sod it! Shakira featuring Freshlyground.

First stageRival World Cup protest songs jostle for football fans attention

The Best Football Songs Of All Time - As Voted By Team NME

Jean Michel Jarre and Tetsuya Komuro. Be proud of where you're from.

Probably one of the biggest reasons that this song became so popular worldwide was the peculiar dance that Shakira created for it. The World Cup is fast approaching, so keep up to date with all the news at Goal. This was the first anthems to stand out from the rest for its unique and catchy sound. It wasn't until that host country France decided to hire Latin artist Ricky Martin to create a less traditional theme for the World Cup.

But I'm not afraid of that. Let's imagine the thought process behind this one. Kelly, Anastacia and Vangelis.

Be proud of where you're from and who you are. The song by Pop Will Eat Itself is harsher still. Deserves it's place in the annals of history for sheer novelty value alone.

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Seriously the Fresh Prince will need to come up with a sweet tune to beat these classics. Now Chris Coleman looks to be headed for Sunderland and a Championship relegation battle. Share On whatsapp Share On whatsapp.

The likes of Shakira, Anastacia and Ricky Martin have contributed popular tracks for football's top competition, but what's the latest song? The video for the song featured a number of famous footballers and it was through it that she met her future beau Gerard Pique. Lob in a few synthesizers, microsoft office book dreadful dress sense and a load of tone deaf footballers and what have you got?

Like us on Facebook to see similar stories. It's safe to say that approach has been a success, with the likes of Shakira and others helping the game reach a wider demographic. For the most part, these songs were focused more so on having great lyrics, and their purpose was to capture the feeling of the sport.

Host Country The World Cup was historic. Keen observers will note that Shakira has been heavily involved in the past three World Cups with her songs regularly featuring on official broadcasts and at fan zones. Excitement is building for the World Cup as the tournament gets ready for the big kick-off in Russia this June.

This article needs additional citations for verification. German, French, Bambara English. This song was extremely important because it promoted the theme of human unity through the sport of soccer. Live Performance - Closing Ceremony.

List of FIFA World Cup anthems and songs

Expectations Lovers of soccer and pop music will be in for a great show when the opening ceremony takes place. Shakira featuring Carlinhos Brown.

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