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How could I put all this together in to one neat, professional looking package to give to the client? Have you ever waste time trying to find information from a previous investigation? Video Supported Help Page.

The high-tech meets low-tech when it comes to talking with ghosts. And you don't have a really flaky roommate?

But as we grew, sending email became a greater task as well. Time for some spooky sleuthing to see what's up when you're not around. If it's non paranormal, discuss your finding and how to solve the problem, if needed suggest do it yourself fix's or suggest finding a contractor i.

Cams have been placed all over the building and give viewers a chance to capture a screenshot and submit it as proof. One of the most important parts to any investigation, be it paranormal or otherwise is gather as much information as possible prior to investigating the actual scene.

Witness Statements and Report Case Management. Then what are you waiting for? Let a chatty ghost get a word in edgewise! This is a wonderful way to keep members updated in one easy step. Once you see some spikes in the chart, get ready for the action.

The program is a bit dull to look at, but incredibly useful. Using the data, the program can spit out a word that a nearby spirit is trying to communicate.

Does your pet look terrified after spending a few hours alone? So please check out the amazing video to see what we mean. He's also an avid addicted gamer and loves following the industry. Personal Experiences Case Management. And best of all you give your client a Professional complete report that will only add to your organizations credibility.

The following programs claim to detect visitors from the Great Beyond, or even organize your next ghost hunt for you. Happy Hauntings, Dennis A. During the investigation the investigator should makes note of all sensation, location and time.

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You then may move everything to be located to the top left, right or center of the page. While you can't print out. They have taken this entire field up to the next level. Use your favorite media player to listen to them playback.

Grab these ghost-hunting PC tools when paranormal activity is at its peak

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Ghost Monitor is a free program that sets up your webcam for ideal ghost-watching. There has to be a better way? Superb app, there is no higher recommendation. Would you like to contact all your team members with one click of a button? If you want to begin introducing White Noise into your next investigation.

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This is where your expertise comes in as you will advise your clients what steps they need to take next. Your first concern should be to help them to understand what they are dealing with and how to deal with their situation as well as ways to positively re-enforce and regain their control.

See's Hears Smells Feels Taste During the investigation the investigator should makes note of all sensation, location and time. Do you come home to find open cupboards, stacked chairs, and your laundry thrown about? There you will find video tutorials to help guide you though every step of the program. Investigator's Recommendations Case Management. The program lets you catalog all investigators and paranormal-capturing equipment, so you can select what you need from a drop-down menu when you embark on a new investigation.

Do you want to look professional? When I became founder of my own investigative team the problem's only got bigger.

Physical Evidence and Possible Explanations Case Management This is where all the ghost activity and paranormal evidence collected during the live investigation comes together. Ghost Monitor Do you come home to find open cupboards, stacked chairs, wrong turn 5 full movie in hindi and your laundry thrown about?

Ghost Monitor really is the all-encompassing creepy recorder. You may pause, fast forward or rewind so you can learn at your own pace.

Human-sounding voices from unknown origin are recorded on such electronic media as analog tape recorders, digital voice recorders, video recorders and other devices. Ghost-Tech Paranormal Investigator It's important to conduct a well-organized paranormal investigation, so you can marshal all the facts and evidence to convince the skeptics. Once you set it up, you can choose to start recording or set the motion detector.

As Paranormal investigators we all know there are many different types of activity we may come in contact with. This is something all new from Ghosthunterapps which is detailed below on this page. This is as good as white noise gets! This section can handle all the information you can gather!

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This is something all new from Ghosthunterapps which is detailed here. It was though these many investigations that I began to gather my ideas for a software.