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They turned down the offer and were replaced by Vidya Balan and Ameesha Patel. The king too dies under unknown circumstances. Mailaika arora is half malayalee her mom is malayalee.

Vidya Balan's performance in the film is still considered iconic and regarded as one of her best to date. He calls his friend, psychiatrist Dr.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The film score and soundtrack of the film were composed by Ranjit Barot and Pritam respectively, and the lyrics were written by Sameer. This article is about the movie.

The palace where Siddharth and Avni were staying was once occupied by Raja Vibhuti Narayan, who was Siddharth's ancestor. Aditya explains that Avni is the one making all the strange things happen around the palace. Manichitrathazhu and its remakes. Siddharth is crowned as the king, his right to the throne. Siddharth thinks that Sharad was violating Avni, but Aditya tells him that Avni is the real culprit, not Radha as previously suspected.

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Once Aditya reaches the palace, things become comical, as everyone thinks he is a fool, though he is very intelligent. Avni is healed and everything ends well. In Odissi we wear a thick silver belt around our waistline which gives it an authentic look.

It may not be a bad idea for you to go watch both the dance style performance somehwere then you will know the difference yourself. Your rating will really help us to improve our website. Teri dhadkano ki sargoshi, Meri dhadkano mein bajti hai. Also south indians like Mani Ratnam, Priyadharshan, K.

Gopalakrishnan Arun Kumar Aravind. Another difference is that Vidya's costume is made out of South Indian silk not the Odissi silk. Avni falls in love with the place and learns about Manjulika and her tragic story. On the night of Durgashtami, when the king gets to know of the affair and their plan to elope, he calls them to perform a dance one last time in the court. Aditya eventually realizes that Radha is not at fault, and that someone else behind it all, and falls in love with her.

Mere dholna sun, mere pyar ki dhun Mere dholna sun Mere dholna sun, mere pyar ki dhun Mere dholna sun. Mere Dholna Sun Lyrics Video. All lyrics written by Sameer and Sayeed Quadri. To cure Avni, alpha dhyanam Aditya triggers Manjulika's personality and makes her promise to leave Avni if she gets the opportunity to kill the king and take her revenge. Films directed by Priyadarshan.

She becomes enamored with Manjulika. Vishwnath, Ram Gopal Varma make many of the Bollywood films you watch. Best Female Playback Singer. International Indian Film Academy Awards. Theatrical release poster.

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Just move your mouse on the stars above and click as per your rating. He thinks she has gone crazy since he was supposed to marry her, but married Avni instead. Saanson mein saanson mein, Teri sargame hai, ab raat din Zindagi meri toh kuch na, ab tere bin. There are few stances of Odissi and the head piece is partly from Odissi but the cheoreography is more towards Bharatnatyam.

When Siddharth provokes her, Avni shows the dark personality of Manjulika before returning to her usual self, much to the horror and concern of Siddharth, who asks Aditya to save Avni. Vidya balan is malayalee and also is the man dancing in this movie.

One night, he encounters Manjulika and dares her to strike. Paresh Rawal and Rajpal Yadav. The film score was composed and produced by Ranjit Barot.

Mere Pyaar ki dhun

It received universal critical acclaim and was also a huge commercial success. But if it weren't for a south indian movie, this movie would have never been made. Asin -girl from Guzarish is also malayalee. But Manjulika was in love with Shashidhar, another dancer, who resided in a house just behind the palace and often met her secretly.

Maze is a Indian psychological thriller film directed by Priyadarshan. So is the director of this movie priyadarshan.

Aditya tells Radha, whom he has taken a liking to, that he will send his parents over if she is interested in marrying him, to which a happy Radha gives her silent consent. Manichitrathazhu by Madhu Muttam. Lyrics provided on Lyricstaal.

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He had fallen in love with Manjulika, a dancer hailing from Bengal. Soon, with the aid of powerful sorcerers, both Shashidhar's and Manjulika's spirits were locked up in a room in the third floor of the palace using a sacred talisman. Saathi re saathi re mar ke bhi tujhko Chaahe ga dil, Tujhe hi bechainiyon mein paayega dil.

Siddharth starts suspecting Radha for all the strange occurrences. Unnatural events start taking place inside the palace. The ghost angrily vows to take her revenge on the auspicious day of Durgashtami. Avni imagines herself as Manjulika and Sharad as Shashidhar, dancing in the court of the king. Bhushan Kumar Krishan Kumar.

Then on the day of the king's marriage, Manjulika hangs herself and swore that her spirit would not leave any king who lived in that very palace. When Aditya and Siddharth search for her, they see that there is a struggle between Avni and Sharad, and quickly intervene. Events take a twist when Avni obtains a copy of the third floor room key and opens the forbidden locked room that contains the ghost of Manjulika. The song is composed by Pritam and the lyrics are penned by Sameer. The tragic love story of the old king Vibhuti Narayan, who loved Manjulika, who in turn loved Shashidhar, is revealed.