Nancy Drew The Final Scene

Tiles can be moved by selecting one and then dropping it on another tile. Select the silver gear to open the drawer of the box. There's Maya's pass on the floor in the basement. Return to the ticket office and use the phone.

Follow Gamezebo on Twitter. The business cards are what you'd expect, but look at that item on the right - a receipt for a funeral wreath! He recommends calling County Administration to ask for a blueprint of the theater that was made before the remodel.

Finish by turning the fifth right-hand block. The gate to the stairs is locked, and not only that, it's electrified! Look down to see a ladder below.

Lots of parts make you jump. Try the pieces, and they are stuck. Go up the stairs, turn into the backstage area and walk up to the fire extinguisher.

Turn slightly left and move forward to hear the phone on the desk ring. Press the left and right fader buttons. You can look down and see how the mirrors prevent the audience from detecting the trap doors.

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Move forward to see that one of the gears on the ledge is missing. Check behind the picture and pull the handle. Choose the one that affects the most blocks first.

She tells Nancy to call the Library of Congress to ask them about the Houdini collection. Nancy has just seen Maya Nguyen walk into the dressing room and then heard her scream. He eventually opens the hatch and gives Nancy a can of lubricant. Me and my friend have done all of the nancy drew games together and we love them, they are funny and hard and interesting. Players take on the first-person view of fictional amateur sleuth Nancy Drew and must solve the mystery through interrogation of suspects, solving puzzles, radio grabber and discovering clues.

If you try to put the slide in the projector, you get nabbed. When this happens, just wait for a few seconds and a stage light will fall to the floor. Some of the magicians referred to are made-up, but Harry Houdini was absolutely real.

Examine the drawer below the mirror and try to open it to see that it is locked. Down in the basement once again, open the box and place the gears on the spindles. Use the rubber gloves on the gate to press a number button. Exit the projection room and the second day will end.

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Talk to Joseph and he will say that he is looking for Brady Armstrong. Ransom of the Seven Ships. Don't let that music make you nervous. Go talk with Simone about the posters, Brady, and the wreath. Ramsay says that Nicholas Falcone uses extreme tactics to save a theater, and has a history of minor crimes.

Close the drawer and the box. The object here is to guide the musical note from the upper-left, over to the dancers at the upper-right. He says that Brady found it. Talk to him and a countdown will start.

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Talk to him, and he gives you some lubricant. Maybe there is some way to move it. Exit her room and take two steps forward, into the backstage area, toward that large crate.

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Go down, and to the right, right some more, until you come to a panel on the wall. When talking to a character is mentioned in the walkthrough, it means to talk to that character about every available subject. Start with the fourth block the club and turn it until it shows the spade.

You really can't go wrong with Nancy Drew games. The police announce that they are performing a final sweep of the building. Or will this be Maya's Final Scene? The Final Scene Bookmarks. If a mistake has been made in the game or you just want to restart a certain scene, the Second Chance button will return Nancy to an earlier point.

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Press the yellow button to play the game. Use the magic wand on the bubble gum to take it.

That way, you get the most out of that conversation. Scroll through text in the conversation window. Now if only it still worked on my computer. Turn right and go up the ladder. Move the tape recorder back and then look up twice.

The object is to move the pieces in order to clear the way for the rabbit to go all the way from right to left. The dancers get their music, and you get your gear. Advertise with Gamezebo Learn More.

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