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In other projects Wikiquote. Each choice starts in a different district, with corresponding initial car choices and unlocks as the game progresses there is a test drive option at the beginning. There are phone calls, texts and emails to go along with the storyline. Tuners, Muscles, and Exotics.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Other music, most played in major races, such as Race Wars and Canyon Battles have been widely released akin to the Ekstrak release. Upon waking up, the player is greeted by Mick's girlfriend named Sara, and Carter, Mick's wingman, as they visit Mick's grave and help the player regain his memories.

Once a card is fully won, new cars, parts, or other features are unlocked. The southwestern border of the city features a sea coast. After Darius finds this out, he hires the three previous bosses Kenji, Angie, and Wolf into his new crew, Stacked Deck. Every area conquered gives new unlocks and new wingmen.

Some races have destructible, lit-up guardrails players must be careful not to crash through, and some have solid walls. It is necessary for players to plan carefully which cars they will buy and upgrade, to avoid running out of money. Each employable street racer has two skills, a racing skill scout, blocker, and drafter and a non-race skill fixer, mechanic, and fabricator.

Need for Speed Carbon/Soundtrack

His death also made the city divide back into different crew territories. Winning races causes new races to show up on the map.

The Collector's Edition also features alternate box art and a metallic-finish sleeve encasing the case of the game. ProStreet in the following year. The player begins to win races against the Stacked Deck, and gets his chance to beat Darius for control of Palmont and to accord justice. In Windows version, joysticks and wheel controllers are supported, as well as those that support force feedback. Winning races one by one, the player acquires territories and ultimately districts from the major crews, before beating the bosses of those crews.

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The player then continues to complete more races. Own the City also allows free roaming with crates scattered throughout the whole city that when broken, give special unlocks ranging from cash to game art. Canyon Races and Checkpoint Races have no risk of police pursuit. Entertainment and Leisure Software Publishers Association. Pursuit Tag begins with one player as a racer and the rest of the players as cops.

The player who spends the most time as a racer wins. Prostreet, Undercover and World Online, though it played a large role in aerodynamic capabilities of the car. Shortly before an irate Cross who is still upset about the incident in Rockport City can arrest the player, Darius played by Tahmoh Penikett and his crew arrive. In Career mode, players have to win races throughout the city to conquer territories, and then face off against bosses to conquer the first three boroughs.

If anyone falls behind or is overtaken and passed, without regaining the distance, after ten seconds they lose. Darius tells the player to regain control of the different territories in Palmont. However, the crew logo is not found Downtown.

Aggregate scores Aggregator Score GameRankings. All gameplay takes place at night.

Need For Speed Carbon cutscene after beating the last crew. Players can upload in-game screenshots to the Need for Speed website, gameranger games complete with stats and modifications.

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Need for Speed Carbon

Carbon features the Canadian actress and model Emmanuelle Vaugier as Nikki, the player's main source of help and ally in the Career storyline. The city also includes several rivers and a lake near Carbon Canyon.

Need for Speed Carbon Soundtrack

Although the Mac edition doesn't display the Collector's Edition title, it contains all Collector's Edition features. There are no Street X or Knockout races. To challenge Darius Boss of the fourth borough and win the game, players must defeat the three Bosses in two final races and defeat Darius in a Circuit race and a Canyon Duel. Police chases are only available in free roam, and are not available in races. The Collector's Edition features additional heat levels for specific challenge events.

After a high-speed chase down the canyon, they both run into a construction zone, where Cross then corners the player who has just totaled their car. Performance tuning has been redone so that players, as upgrades are purchased, can tune the car for a number of different properties, such as higher top speed or higher acceleration. East, West, and Carbon Canyon.

Players can also lose by going off the cliff edge. Players may ultimately choose from any class of car, and can also unlock cars that are reserved for Quick Races as they earn Reward Cards.

Need for Speed Carbon soundtrack - NFSSoundtrack

For portables, the Own the City version has many differences. The player that finishes the race wins.