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Yes there are those that have no respect for anyone, but that is a different topic and discussion. Even back before YouTube took the world by storm, forever changing the way we consume media.

Nelly - tip drill slowed featuring samuel carter

Women and girls are exploited worldwide, and blaming the victims makes less sense the more you do it. This is because a girl needs a nice ass in order for this act to be pleasureable.

The truth is, memory editor Nelly as he not so eloquently pointed out is not the only one. Many of the women expressed their disgust at Nelly and vowed that they would decline their support of his music and videos in the future. Nelly is playing dumb and acting stupid. Bailey returned to Spelman determined to deal with Tip Drill.

Some of them strip at the local clubs here in Atlanta but then want to act holier than thou. Sexy and Horny for all you dirty boys and girls! Many had not been born when hip-hop emerged but came of age listening to its music. See, now I would let you ride but the rubber might slide Yous a tip drill, girl you a tip drill I said I would let you ride but the rubber might slide Yous a tip drill, girl you a tip drill.

His sister was on her death bed. However, the point could have waited until after the bone marrow drive was over.

Zino took full advantage of the adult-themed hours by always keeping a filthy video in rotation. Either way, the outcome always resulted in some of the craziest and memorable videos in entertainment. Tip drill needs to be put in a time capsule so future humans or whatever can find it and enjoy it as much as we did!

Nelly - Tip Drill &lpar Uncensored&rpar

The woman's ass cheeks are used to excite the penis, sometimes to ejaculation. Nelly addressed the issue recently. We're always working towards adding more features that will keep your love for porno alive and well.

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Miami got tip drill New Orleans got tip drill Detroit got tip drill D. Should we only care about his sister and not the other millions of Black girls and women that are being objectified and hyper-sexualized? Forgot Username or Password? That same misogynistic society, which severely discriminates against women, once gave birth to Carnell Haynes Jr.

Remember me on this computer not recommended on public or shared computers. Over the past few years, the dust has settled and Nelly has slowly reemerged in the spotlight. Louis got tip drill tip drills Nap-town got tip drill tip drills Cleveland got tip drill tip drills K. Treating women like property and refusing to acknowledge the right of Black women to voice their concerns outside of supporting male centered thinking is the norm. That has been going on in our communities for years.

He could have changed the game but he choose to back away. He believes that they should have left the issue of his misogyny alone and just focused on bone marrow. Need to make sure you're not a robot.

Nelly - Tip Drill &lpar Uncensored&rpar

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Yous a tipdrill, nigga you a tipdrill I know you a trick go spend that shit You old tipdrill, you monkeyass tipdrill. Unknown to Jennings, Tip Drill already had driven another Spelman student to action. Uncut was either the perfect nightcap after a night out, or the visual soundtrack for an insomniac. Quite possibly the most infamous Uncut video ever, Tip Drill set the gold standard in urban debauchery thus setting off a firestorm of controversy.

Resend confirmation email. It seems colleges and universities sap the sense from most blacks. This is because this act is used by many men on one woman on after the other. Essentially this is a repetitive screwing like motion that drills tha nigga for a tip. Turn that ass up mama put that dip in ya back And let me tip drill, just let me tip drill Turn that ass up mama put that dip in ya back And let me tip drill, just let me tip drill.

For example, the Associated Press has reported that even some hip-hop artists such as Big Boi of Outkast thought the show was distasteful and could constitute soft porn. The issue could have waited.

This meant that women could be traded, and only served certain purposes. West coast got tip drill Chi town got tip drill A. He also went on to say that most of those women are mostly likely not even protesting those same issues today, but his sister is for sure no longer with us. Kelly, Tyrese, and the list goes on. The music video features dozens of women in thong bikinis dancing around a swimming pool, in hot tubs and a pool hall.

Nelly taught us that it might not be a good idea to swipe a credit card through a pair of buttcheeks at the height of your popularity. Hopefully you'll be enlightened by, and enjoy what I write. Why must we always wait for justice especially within our own community. And they did it despite how unpopular their stance was. They do not speak for all of us, yet unfortunately they are viewed as a representation of Black women.

Yes, those are Black women in his videos that willingly consented to being objectified. Imagine how much more trifling this video would be if high definition was available back in the early s. Best Oldest Newest Hello, guest. That is why what the Spelman students did is so important. Many people confuse this word for the equivelent of running the train.

Most of those purposes were for the benefit of men. Being from the city next to University City, Mo, where he is from, I am disappointed in his actions. We be like andele andele mami, E. He pulled his funding from the bone marrow drive and it was a huge media fiasco.

Nelly - tip drill slowed featuring samuel carter

What those students did was a step in the right direction and can serve as a guide for how future generations can confront these issues head-on. Can women be sexual and have it not be negative? Now baby girl bring it over let me spit my pimp juice I need a tip drill, I need a tip drill Now baby girl bring it over let me spit my pimp juice I need a tip drill, I need a tip drill. As I was watching, I saw quite an alarming video by the rapper, Nelly. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Here's what you're missing out on! He would have made progress and gotten what he wanted, and maybe gained some respect from the people who disagreed with him. Are these women exploiting themselves?