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The font is restricted to internal use unless permission has been given by the Graphic Standards Committee. Navigation Typography Alternate typefaces Secondary typeface Typeface for official documents Typefaces for web usage. Typeface for official documents. Please note that Roboto was not used to create the logo. Recreating it is not permitted.

Entire site Library Employee directory Close. It can be used for any form of printed material, as well as for web images, which do not need to contain live text. Please refer to the font sizes shown to the left for the suggested sizes. Fonts within the Myriad Pro family can be downloaded at a reasonable cost through websites such as MyFonts.

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Although the uOttawa logo was created using the uOttawa typeface, attempting to recreate the logo is strictly prohibited. The official secondary font of the University of Ottawa, called uOttawa, should be used when a more classic or elegant look is desired. University of Ottawa employees, students, and authorized contractors may use the uOttawa typeface in uOttawa publications and communications. Even though it is not displayed within this guide, the Minion Pro typeface may also be used as a secondary or alternate serif font. If it isn't available, sinhala avurudu geetha it can be downloaded at a reasonable cost through websites such as MyFonts.

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Visit the Faculty of Education website. The official web fonts of the University of Ottawa are listed below and are used in order to ensure consistency in the University of Ottawa's visual image. The official primary font of the University of Ottawa is Myriad Pro. The examples illustrated above are not actual size.

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Ottawa Bold

This does not apply to Microsoft PowerPoint and Word documents, or to live web text.