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Suseela A famous song from movie Anbe Vaa. Music blog been lagging behind. This is my idea of looking pretty, I am not in agreement with many of my mates in that regard, so this is for them to see. Pathiramazha etho and Mounam Swaramayi. Saradindu from Ullkadal Saradindu remained a personal most favorite for many years, with the subtle background music and the silent love that calls out from the song.

Paathiraa mazhayetho, Video for karaoke singing by D. Janmam saphalam en sree rekhayil Swapnam malaraay ee kai kumbilil Unarum smrithiyalayil aaro saanthwanamaay Muralikayoothee dhoore. Click here if you cant watch the video.


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Nice and quiet, the song is just about the way I would imagine a moon-lit night song to be. Forever by Jesse The intention of this entry is to come up with comparatively less heard songs.

Pathiramazhayetho Song Download. Pathiramazha etho ulladakkam singer falah ali. Evergreen film song vaishaka sandye nadodikattu malayalam film song. But I like to call him Jesse, as he was known as in Full House. Kamal and Amala are great!

Jayachandran, Selma George. Pehla nasha Pehla khumaar Naya pyaar hai naya intezaar Kar loon main kya apna haal Aye dil-e-bekaraar Mere dil-e-bekaraar Tu hi bata. Chaahe tum kuchh na kaho maine sun liya Ki saathi pyaar ka mujhe chun liya Chun liya Maine Sun liya. And those who actually dare click the play button is advised to keep a fair amount of interval before trying the original, or in better words do not try to relate this song to that.

Click here if you cant view the video. Pathiramazha etho ulladakkam k s chithra latest malayalam movie song.

So this one I am acquainted with, watching Full House. Obviously I am not too good here, especially in picking relatively less common ones. Ok credit goes entirely to me for discovering this beautiful strip of music.

Mazha Mp3 Download

Its more like a lullaby but there is a melody about it that makes it fit here. This one has got subtitles so Hindi-ignorants like me could know what it means!

But I think this is actually the better one, the other is splendid too. Pachcha malap poovu nee uchchi malath thaenu kuththangora aedhu nee nandavanath thaeru azhagae ponnumani sirichchaa vellimani kiliyae kannurangu dhoori dhoori hoay. Its too beautiful and ended up my most favorite song for days on a stretch. Leaving on a jet plane by John Denver and me! Paathira mazha etho flute by dileep babu.

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Here is one more Tamil I have got to fit in the romantic series. Poove sempoove Shifting to Tamil.

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She loves his poems and he loves her paintings. That part is simply splendid. This was easily my favorite of the lot. People this is what you should call pretty!

Both are Ousepachan products. But decided this deserved to be here more, being a lot more melodious. It sucks actually, but I couldnt resist.

Pathiramazha etho ulladakkam k j yesudas latest malayalam movie song. It was a lot later that I heard the original. This one is good too, and not enough attention again. Play and Listen paathiraa mazhayetho Paathiraa mazhayetho, Video for karaoke singing by D. Create a free website or blog at WordPress.

Fast Download Pathiramazha etho violin. Pathiramazhayetho malayalam karoake with lyrics. Traffic smule pathiramazha etho. One of those old-days-bringers this song is, if you know what I mean. This one is a personal favorite, skype browser I used to like the other song from this movie more.

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