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For more info, read below. Sony Online Entertainment has made several changes to classes during the beta in order to fix balance issues. Is it legal to cheat and will my account get banned? The Terran Republic are the conservative and authoritarian remains of the original government. Together, these hacks allow for much more precise firing.

Auraxis was reached through an interstellar wormhole that has since collapsed, cutting the colonists off from Earth and the Terran Republic that has ruled the human race for the last thousand years. Accessing the game servers to change these values is totally impossible. The sequel will bring us those same three factions, each fighting for control of the planet Auraxis.

Flying vehicles in particular should handle better, and ground vehicles should also see some improvements. Especially when attacking ground units and solders from the air, knowing all the enemy positions is insanely overpowered. Players will also choose two specializations and can put points into skills like hacking. Hold still, and they will all hit the same spot on your target.

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Redefining ownage Planetside 2 Cheats/Aimbot

These people are trying to scam you. We claim no ownership of the original work. The setting is the planet Auraxis, once home to a technologically advanced ancient race and now hosting human colonies. Get behind any enemy player and kill them in seconds.

You can even save and pre-load your settings so that the game is ready every time you want to play. Enjoy and save the page for updates or ChangeLogs. Know when an enemy is low on health so you can finish them off.

Unlike most first-person shooters, the PlanetSide games have more than two opposing factions. For those who did not partake in the original PlanetSide, the story began with the discovery of a deep space wormhole and an inhabitable planet. Sony Online Entertainment has spent years bringing you the most awesome PlanetSide experience, air supply songs full make the most of it. The only things we are able to hack are values that are actually processed on our own computer and that is how aimbots and esp works.

Like the first game, few elements will be instanced and most of the combat will take place in the same massive battlefield. The remains of their technology can be found across the globe, and provide the new inhabitants with everything from high-powered weapons to molecular teleportation. Players who have plenty of friends in the game can join an outfit and reap the benefits of cooperative combat. Early in the development process, Sony Online Entertainment sent surveys to thousands of current and former players asking for their thoughts.

We do not host any of these files. NoRecoil NoSpread, all bullets hit the same point. This email address is being protected from spambots. The planet was previously home to an extremely advanced race known as the Vanu or Ancients.

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Their faction strongly believes that this is the route to the advancement of humanity, and they were the first to secede from the Terran Republic on Auraxis. This tool also allows you to see both player and vehicle hitboxes, allowing you to make precise killshots without any guesswork. Rebirthing technology allows the dead to be resurrected and disease to be eradicated. The New Conglomerate is sort of a loose collection of forces and individuals that share the same ideals. Pop onto the PlayStation and play until you remember how much better a mouse and keyboard are than a controller.

If this kind of cheating were at all possible, everyone would do it and the game would be broken within a week and gone within a month due to it not being fun if everyone has a God Mode. Save time, drive up your Battle Rank, and become one of the most elite players in this brand new game. Penetration checks and visibility checks tell you if there is a tiny gap you can fire through to hit your opponent. Sony Online Entertainment is promising better vehicle handling and more realistic physics, along with semi-automated mission systems.

No spread means every bullet fires exactly in a straight line. We suggest you create a static block and put it here using shortcode Don't show this popup again.

Auto Fire, will auto fire when the aimbot acquires a target! Not all aimbots are created equal, however. When the wormhole collapses, the inhabitants find themselves cut off from the rest of humanity.

PlanetSide 2 Hacks Cheats & Aimbots PS2

Redefining ownage Planetside 2 Cheats/Aimbot

The tool also allows you to see what direction your opponent is aiming, helping you sneak up on enemies and put your combat knife to good use. Don't show this popup again. You can share in their success by getting the best tools available on the internet.

As objectives are completed, players will increase their Battle Rank. Sony Online Entertainment hopes to follow in the footsteps of League of Legends with this business model. The beta release can already be considered a success, with each player spending more than two hours per day on the game.

Tutorials Wiki Software Find Cheats. Search engine Use this form to find things you need on this site. Some weapons and vehicles will be available for all classes and all empires, others will be class-specific or empire-specific. Some sectors may be captured in vehicles, others need to be captured on foot. We suggest you create a static block and put it here using shortcode.

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The same three factions will return to fight over territory and resources on the planet Auraxis. They see human rights as the highest cause and are willing to fight until everyone can enjoy the same liberties. Check out your opponents health bar and see how much damage it will take to finish him off. Up to players at a time will be able to interact on each server. Cheating in games has always been legal and always will be.

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No recoil also means that your weapon stays in the same place every time you fire it. Auraxis has three continents and many natural resources, and some of the plants are almost exactly like those found on Earth. Watch enemy troop movements and avoid ambushes, target the most poorly-guarded resources and find vehicles faster than anyone else. Some are painfully obvious, and other players shun those who clearly allow a computer to aim for them.

PlanetSide 2 Hacks Cheats & Aimbots PS2