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Ben Stiller stars as a shy yet lovable loser who never gets over the love of his life, Mary Cameron Diaz. And so what if your new girlfriend a isn't exactly a girl and b feasts on the blood of innocents? This is a great movie that addresses the feeling of anxiety and that what-can-go-wrong nervousness for the groom-to-be. While aboard a gorgeous cruising ship, he becomes enchanted by the breath-taking captain.

Indian films by year and decade. So, the men will have to be resourceful and come up with ways to make it work. The Other End of the Line. But they seem entirely too cool to be in love. Another romance featuring Hugh Grant, this British contemporary film explores the idea that love can be discovered even if you were, deliberately, not planning on it.

Watch the movie to find out. But more famous than any romance, surely, is the opening-credits song-and-dance sequence of Kelly and co performing the title tune? What's better than Gerard Butler? They want her to turn into a completely different person and lay waste to the world that makes her suffer.

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That puts a lot of pressure on her fragile shoulders, forcing her to do irrational things. And of course Amanda Bynes who does a terrific job as her brother Sebastian. How to Marry a Millionaire.

Here it is, ground zero, the birth of the modern romantic comedy. That itself is pretty romantic, no? Of course, Grant and Bergman fall in love, leading to one of the most twisted, manipulative and unsettling romantic tales in cinema. We tend to think of pre-war Hollywood as being a fairly insular, conservative sort of place. They head off on the run, taking in all the sights from Hollywood directors to bloodthirsty gangsters, chillingo games all the while exchanging dynamic repartee and having great sex.

This might be the perfect heartbreaker. His wife is cheating on him with her husband, and out of this betrayal a friendship develops.

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Rebecca Bloomwood played by Isla Fisher is charming, goofy, quirky, beautiful, but first of all, she is a shopaholic! To the character's dismay, and the audience's pleasure, everything goes hilariously wrong, starting with a terrible first introduction to the potential in-laws. The climactic whispering scene is the most talked about what does Bob tell Charlotte? Oh, and Kristin Scott Thomas is magic. Perhaps that means this tale of a lover moulding his girlfriend in the likeness of the memory that haunts him is too sinister to rate higher as pure romance?

The list of best Hollywood Romantic movies in would simply not be full without Fifty Shades Freed! From Nora Ephron classics to Richard Curtis movies there's something here for everyone. The best movies for date night are funny enough for both women and men to enjoy, and still have a feel-good love story that is integral to the plot. Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence You know that moment when you meet someone for the first time and something clicks?

Would you ever think that a love story between a hooker and a businessman could play out like this? Watch it again, fall in love again, and cry yourself to sleep! And Leung whispering his secret into the ruins of a wall is an exquisite image of pain and yearning.

Just because a romance is between two twelve year olds, one of whom has been twelve for a really, really long time, doesn't mean it's not a romance. Maybe you bond over a mutual hatred of beetroot.

She is in for a shock as her boss Miranda Priestly Meryl Streep is nothing less than a fashionable monster. Yes, vampires can also fall in love, and Dracula, the greatest vampire to ever walk the Earth, learns that first-hand. Simple and sweet, watch it for the couple's steaming hot chemistry. They are two great friends who don't want to mess up their friendship by adding sex to the mix.

Gerard Butler talking dirty! But overall this is sweet, witty, endlessly watchable stuff.

What's lovely is how seriously Anderson takes Sam and Suzy's adventure, while also laying on the humour and the irony. You can introduce certain elements of romance in mystery films, thrillers, dramas, comedies, and everything else. The three skip around Paris together.


Mark Levin Jennifer Flackett. He just wanted to dance the night away. Will chemistry and an instinctive connection triumph over practical planning? He accepts a job in South Africa.

College graduates, city goers, and otherwise platonic friends will especially enjoy this relatable film by director Rob Reiner. It makes you yearn for someone who will make your dreams a reality just like Richard overcame his inhibitions to fulfill Julia's. Gomes blends sharp, post-colonial political perspective with passages of pure, besotted reverie. Four Weddings and a Funeral.

You swap houses with a stranger in a beautiful fancy house in Los Angeles, meet the man of your dreams and fall in love with him to live happily ever after! The s truly were another, happier era. While on a fancy trip across the ocean, a man falls off a yacht and loses his memories. Laura has grit in her eye. Henry falls in love with Lucy, who has a short-term memory loss.

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Some of the greatest love stories hinge on denial rather than devotion. Every single person out there wants to be loved and cherished. But the whole film has a unique and entrancing air of discovery and adventure, as two foreigners find themselves and each other in an intoxicating landscape.

But they explain this with the bonkers-brilliant concept of putting this idea on trial in no less than a heavenly court. Just the happiness of two families. The performances are perfect, the hate-to-love plotline painstakingly constructed, and the dialogue sparkles like diamonds. Endlessly quoted, referenced and parodied, this Golden Age behemoth is such a vast cultural object that many people forget how purely immersive it is as human drama.

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