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Joymax has announced that the third part of the multi-patch update to Silkroad Online will be deployed soon. Just click the free Silkroad Online download button at the top left of the page. Each of these three variants of the original Silkroad Online game will be updated and run separately. Hi how do i install this game im a noob xD.

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This means that a warrior can also learn warlock or cleric skills if they choose to do so. The experience points required to level up were also reduced as part of the update.

Is it still flooded with bots? Clicking this link will start the installer to download Silkroad Online free for Windows. Each job goes for glory to finish the trade and keep their goods. Frequently Asked Questions. Featured Video No featured videos are found for this game.

The same is true for the Chinese faction, which allows players to learn skills in any of the Swordsman, Spearman, or Bowman skill trees. If anything, please update your game again. Thieves attack traders who are protected by hunters.

By continuing to use this site you are giving us your consent to do this. By continuing on our website you consent to it. Even with the experience changes, it still takes forever to reach the level cap, which can be quite frustrating. Players can use these skill points to increase their mastery level in any of the available skill trees. Im sure others do as well.

The protectors, the priests and the magicians should help the merchants compass the Silk Road safely and slew demons in order to break a new road which was safe for every people. The type of armor that players can choose is dependent on the weapon selected.

Hunters kill thieves getting experience to level up to a higher level of hunter. What role will you play in this vast world?

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Lucky Boxes can be collected from monsters throughout the game world and exchanged for limited-time items. While others try to imitate, they view this process as transaction-based, microsoft frontpage 2000 full version not people based. Can also be equipped with a shield and is the recommended weapon for players who want to fill the tank-role in the party.

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Few in specific known as Zealous, Neko, booger, but its been very long I barely remember. The Current game has introduced updates as Legends.

Screenshots Silkroad-R Screenshots. Each faction features different sets of weapons, classes, and playing styles. There is no fixed job on the Silkroad. Every day we pursue that passion and transform those visions into reality. Taking over the development.

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It has been many years and its been on my mind. Additional information about license you can found on owners sites.

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Although, with great risk in trades, Hunters will be their too protect traders and end the mischief of thieves. The character models and animations, while not really amazing, are pretty solid. Silkroad-R features the same graphics, animation, and sound as the original game. Each legend bringing in a new assortment of game play and adventure for new and old players alike to join in and explore.

Players can choose to travel as Traders selling goods, as Hunters protecting the Traders, or as Thieves looking for the ultimate score. Sadly, Silkroad-R is no different and quests only get more tedious as players progress through the game. This game going now is Toy Heroes Online. You can fight other players in PvP. Travel the ancient Silk Road once again, in search of adventure, fame, and fortune in Silkroad-R, an updated version of the immensely popular Silkroad Online.

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Jangan for the Chinese, and Constantinople for the Europeans. Silkroad-R is ultimately the same game as Silkroad Online with a few minor improvements.