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It is almost hybrid quiet. In the real world, the ample but not overwhelming torque is much appreciated, and the Supra feels particularly well suited to a quick but not searing pace. Did I mention the night also offered unlimited sparkling white wine?

The Toyota's nose takes to direction changes happily, even with an abrupt turn-in, and the car firmly resists understeer even when you pick up the throttle. It's the antithesis of, say, a Jaguar F-Type. The steering is able, but not as sharp or quick as we'd prefer, and feedback is muted. There is something tantalizing and unusual about a totally blank slate. When all the camouflage comes off, the specifications are unveiled and the calibrations are finished, we have a feeling the Supra will be an entertaining partner indeed.

Apparently, the partnership hasn't gone so far as to drive each other's cars. All of the women were lovely. The engineer Kai's eyes lit up when he mentioned that the U.

Drag the brakes too long and the transitions through corners become staccato. Or, sadly, the lack of overt sound. So for now, guesses about the Supra's specifications will have to suffice. Do we think we totally got to know the new Supra?

How's that for a blind date? Go neutral through an apex and the car is light and skittish.

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It can take a third-gear corner in second or fourth and not suffer great consequence in overall speed. The concept of going speed dating stuck with me though. The cars we drove were fitted with European-mandated particulate filters, fgf chicken ossett dating which rob some power. That also includes the sound.

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And then we were concentrating on banging around Jarama. That's a long gap, indeed.

Rather, the Supra likes to be braked early, and then comes alive under a stabilizing throttle. The Supra's rather placid nature around the track left me disconcerted. The inch Michelin Pilot Super Sports have great grip, and we never managed to induce any slip angle. Like any good first date, we had a good back-and-forth repartee between machine and driver, a few lingering questions and the desire to meet up again. Crawling out of pit lane, I left the car in Street mode and automatic as I took a sight lap.

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And yet the ride is pliant and totally without punishment. With that maintenance throttle dialed in, the grip allows you to sling along curves.

We uncovered no Sport-Plus mode, but it does seems that you can turn everything off. Output will be higher in the States. We particularly liked it from the rear, where you can see the rounded roof, sucked-in sides and thick hips.

So, too, goes the brake pedal, which is long and not nearly firm enough. Toyota is still working on stability controls, electric steering and pedal feel. From there, the impressions came quickly.

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Acceleration is brisk but not savage. The somewhat disappointing asterisk to that is we were given no specifications whatsoever. One wishes the car pivoted more from its hips, but its width and front-engine, rear-wheel-drive configuration work against it.