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The radio inputs have been totally restyled and take up a good amount of space in the sliding menu. Any ideas how I can fix this? The license is issued on a per-domain basis valid for a domain and its sub-domains.

Answer I have multiple domain names pointing to the same website. Please refer to get menu from another file for details. Sponsored by company description.

Other Demos Click the links in the side menu below. More than one item can be expanded at a time.

Step 2 Menu Layout and Basic Styles

Accordion Menus

They can be inherited from the parent element of the menu, or can be defined through the accordion selector. And with this way we are able to make the sub menu links visible. The styles of the sub menu links are almost the same. The problem is that I am not able to style my submenu.

If your question is about troubleshooting, please first go through the checking list in Troubleshooting Request. Short and terse best describes this snippet of a simple accordion menu. However this one relies on click events, so it works more like a traditional accordion. Yes license is required for intranet domains, and you can enter your intranet domain into the For website box after clicking the Buy Now button. How can I make this responsive so that he can adapt to any device if I shrink the window?

Horizontal Accordions

Includes more than components to help you create custom emails templates faster than ever before. Each input is heavily customized to blend right into the accordion. This thing is gorgeous and one of the few easy-to-setup accordions out there. To create the sub menus add another unordered list with the class of sub-menu inside of the list item that you want to have sub menus. With Postcards you can create and edit email templates online without any coding skills!

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Answer Will it work for sub-domains? Answer My website is on intranet. In order to make the slide transition work we need to give a fixed height to the sub menu.

Then, if the menu has not been started, you can use the amenu. Do I need license for using your widgets in my intranet website?

The menu will not have a fixed width. Click to Close the accordion. If the function is called without any parameters, amenu. You can use the jQuery Version. Plus you could even link the bottom title area to a related page or blog post making this great as a featured section for magazine-style layouts.

Answer Do I need a license for my dev and testing domain that is different from the final client's domain? If necessary, you can set the section height to auto so it uses the minimum space it requires.

The basic version is Free. Question Title If your question is about troubleshooting, please first go through the checking list in Troubleshooting Request. Is there a way to expand the menu according to the sub-menu items inside it? The target selector will only work if we will have a link that points to an id and when we click on that link the id becomes the target element.

Would be a shame, because it looks great, and this concept works well on phones Reply. How can i add a third level? Otherwise a trial version alert might display. If not, what are we need to modify for it?

The advantage of using sprites is that we are able to load all the icons at the same time fewer requests and as we only have one image that contain all icons the size will be inferior. The difference here is the animation style or lack thereof. Thank you, and thank you for a great solution, i have also seen alot more of your other items and products, really stunning work. Any help would be greatly appreciated! This way, you can add any number of links without touching your styles.

You can feature related photos and add some descriptive text into each accordion field. If you want to learn more about image sprites I recommend you to read this. Any help on where to go to search for it? The menu can be configured to become a menu button on smaller screens or mobile devices, as shown in responsive side menu. It will take the entire width of his parent, so if you want to give it a px width just create a div and give it the width that you want.

You can build some nice menus with jQuery and most of them use free plugins. So usually you don't need the license in your dev phase. They just stay open all the time. He's also an advocate for the social media revolution - follow his updates on Twitter jakerocheleau.

This would make navigation a bit easier, and the jump would feel less harsh. Only one item can be expanded at a time.

So if you want to add a different number of links to each sub menu you need to add a different height to each sub menu according to how many links you have. Add a different id for each list item and link to this id with the anchor tag. Can i use the icons and the code on my page not commercial? Not everyone wants this effect because it can take up a lot of space on the page. So this way we are able to insert the icons and position theme.

Radio Accordions

This is also aligned vertically and runs on hover events, so the user just mouses over the accordion header to open sub-links. This is a really great tutorial, i have been looking for a slick accordion style solution i can use in my project, facebook blocker and this looks impressive. The width and background-color of the accordion menu are not set in the accordion-menu.