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Active Netplay Sessions Currently no active sessions. They especially liked zapping the old man. But it still sounds like it might be fun, right? Each time you push a directional button Zapper will hop one block in that direction. Playing through any level more than once just made me feel sleepy.

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Swampy's Revenge and that's a good thing. The environments are colorful and well represented in the spirit of this game's cartoon nature. Zapper has a decent amount moves at his disposal during the course of his adventures. Vizzed Retro Game Room offers s of free professionally made games, all playable online on the website. If Zapper touches an enemy or falls into an environmental hazard, Zapper will lose his life and will respawn at the last collected egg checkpoint.

Latest Screenshot Dragonball Z Tafarijah. The game does offer extremely easy gameplay, with arcade-style movement similar to Frogger. The arcade mode lets you revisit the levels you've completed and allows you to time yourself to see how quickly you can succeed. Play s of free professionally made games online.

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Your goal is to hop your way through each level discovering magpie eggs, releasing globes of fireflies and avoiding or zapping the assortment of bad guys that get in your way. By placing her eggs everywhere Maggie hopes to have her henchbirds thieving for her across the land. And you even get to unlock extra levels as you collect power orbs. Anyone who has wiled away the hours and quarters of their nearly forgotten teens playing Frogger will understand the addictive nature of this simple, fun, and well constructed game.

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Zapper was released in North America in and in Europe. Ok, so maybe the premise is fairly contrived.

The game is played out in a similar fashion via an overhead view, giving you pretty good visibility to Zapper and his environment. Those areas are most easily accessible by exploring out-of-the way places like a hollow log or open doorway. This platform game -related article is a stub. Once a player beats the storyline gameplay, they can go back and try their hand at timed trials and two other modes of play.

Zapper is your classic story of revenge. Zapper's visuals are its strongest card. It is a cute concept, but the execution is simply not worth your money. The controls follow the same simple theme, and the D-Pad is preferred since there isn't any analog sensitivity to be concerned with.

While the levels are pretty simple and easy to complete, there was some thought put into them. Zapper will receive further aide by freeing fireflies that will lead him to nearby eggs.

One Wicked Cricket presents a platform game that fails to engage or engross its audience. Arnie Armchair's Howzat Cricket. The player's aim is to traverse over eighteen levels as Zapper the cricket. The Nick Jr'ish feel of this game shines through in its music as well.

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Is Zapper's zest for revenge enough to carry this game? Besides the story mode, jurassic park 4 movie in tamil Zapper offers an arcade mode and a multiplayer option. Zapper is a very straightforward puzzle game lacking many extras.

Zipper is snatched away by an infamous thieving magpie, Maggie, who leaves an egg at the scene of the crime. Although the graphics and audio meet standard requirements, they aren't exceptional and don't help counteract the game's overly simplistic gameplay.

Holding the square button also helps Zapper find elusive eggs by pointing his antenna in the direction of the closest one. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

Multiplayer can best be described as Fuzion Frenzy with insects. That's the whole object and although you're armed with the ability to shock enemies with your antennas, generally you hop around releasing fireflies from glass orbs and smashing eggs over and over. Nintendo Game Boy Advance P. You don't always need life-like animation and big-screen names doing voice-overs to make a hit.

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Only occasionally do other objects get in the way. One odd feature is the need to push the forward button repeatedly to make Zapper move. The game was developed by Blitz Games and published by Infogrames. In Expert Orb Race, players have to race the same ghost in a mad dash to collect orbs, first one to collect them all wins. In Expert Ghost Race gamers have to run the gauntlet with a ghost in tow, beat the ghost and win the game.

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Using these movements, Zapper maneuvers around the obstacles in his path and times his movement with moving enemies that can't be shocked to get around them. Along the way the player must collect six eggs in each level. To further reduce the game's potential challenge, Zapper's antennas can be used to point in the direction of the hidden eggs, reducing the need to problem solve or search for them.

Zapper's high-strung voice is also a source of irritation, which you'll hear regularly. The levels are a varied in appearance, at least, which helps to soften the blow of impending boredom. Aggregate score Aggregator Score GameRankings.

Still, though, while the graphics are attractive, they lack any solid detail. As stated earlier, the object is to simply smash a specific number of eggs, which advances you to the next level.